Editions Flammarion
A Gala life

“A Gala life.” Dominique Bona of the Académie Française wrote this beautiful biography published by Editions Flammarion. Her love affairs signed her life. Companion, wife, lover, endowed with exceptional powers of seduction, Gala fascinated successively Paul Éluard, Max Ernst and Salvador Dalí. Who was Elena Diakonova, better known as Gala, the mysterious and inseparable wife of Paul Eluard and then of Salvador Dalí? The work of these two great artists of the 20th century owes much to her. She was part of their genius. Dali dedicated his life to her, along with a large number of his paintings, and Eluard drew on the ink of his eyes to write his most beautiful poems. This biography, at last illustrated and rich in unpublished archives, presents the surrealist adventure in a new light.

A Gala life – 29,90 € – Editions Flammarion.

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