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dessins et gravures de Rembrandt

The complete collection “Les dessins et gravures de Rembrandt”, has just been published by Editions Taschen. Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606-1669) is one of the most important painters of Western art. His inimitable talent is most fully expressed in his drawings and engravings. They were a place where he experimented and developed his expressive and precise strokes, and earned him the unrivalled recognition of his contemporaries. Discover how Rembrandt captured expressions and fleeting moments in a few brushstrokes.

A Rembrandt monograph in XXL format

For the first time a book brings together all of Rembrandt’s works on paper. 708 drawings and 314 beautifully reproduced engravings reveal Rembrandt’s keen eye and expert hand. One can also discover a deep emotion and the certainty that he was much more than just a painter. Each portrait, each everyday scene is magnified by his mastery of light, shadow and hatching. Rembrandt’s engravings open onto another world, intangible, that of contemplative and melancholy nights, from the countryside to dusk, of those fleeting moments that each gesture imprints on the page. As for his drawings, they express his emotional state with greater sincerity than in his other works. With pencil, brush, silver point or charcoal, pastels and ink, he drew on all kinds of paper, which he sometimes dyed beforehand.

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Rembrandt – 150 € – Editions Taschen.

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