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Ateliers Brugier
exceptional lacquers
for three generations

Founded by André Brugier, Ateliers Brugier has evolved over the generations to become a specialist in the field of lacquerware. Today, under the direction of François Judet, Ateliers Brugier are creators, restorers and antique dealers, offering a diversity of activities that complement and nourish each other. Signatures Singulières Magazine takes you to the discovery of this company labeled Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant.

Above: François Judet, manager of Ateliers Brugier. Right: brown lacquer sample engraved with a geometric motif.

ateliers brugier - Coromandel lacquer panel
Coromandel lacquer panel decorated with a white and gold crane among reeds and lotuses. Poem by Wang Han, Yuan dynasty, calligraphy by Cao Yugui. China, Kangxi period – 17th century.

Transmission and evolution of know-how since 1920

It was in 1920, at the dawn of the Art Deco period, that André Brugier set up his workshop. This period marked a turning point in the history of lacquerware. Les Ateliers Brugier has kept pace with developments in the industry. One hundred years later, the expertise of the workshops has now been awarded the EPV label. This recognition testifies to the longevity and quality of the work accomplished by the Brugier family. Passing on know-how is an essential value for Ateliers Brugier. François Judet, André Brugier’s grandson, is now at the head of the company and sees himself as a lacquer master. His role is not only to perpetuate the family heritage, but also to develop this ancestral know-how. Nicole Brugier, François’ mother, has played a crucial role in preserving and passing on the craft. She has published a reference work on Coromandel lacquerware.

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Magnificent details of a 17th-century Coromandel lacquer screen. Ateliers Brugier.
decorative lacquer
Detail of a decorative panel, in collaboration with feather worker Béatrice Bost Le-Mouël, Plumavera workshop.

Ateliers Brugier, lacquerer, restorer and antique dealer

Over the years, Ateliers Brugier has diversified to offer a complete range of services. As creators, they are able to design new lacquer pieces, combining tradition and innovation. As restorers, they work on antique furniture and objects. Their aim? To restore them to their original condition and preserve their historical value. Ateliers Brugier enjoy international recognition for their prestigious restorations! They have notably worked for the Musée du Louvre, the Musée national des arts asiatiques Guimet and the Château de Versailles. Finally, as antique dealers, they boast an impressive collection of lacquer objects. Coromandel lacquer screens are a new addition to their expertise and offering. These three crafts provide Ateliers Brugier with both a technical and aesthetic perspective on lacquer.

coffre japonais en laque
Restoration of an old 19th-century Japanese chest whose lacquer had disappeared and which the workshop recreated. The new decoration features bamboo and cherry blossom motifs on a black background.
french workshop specialist in lacquer
Lacquer brings a wealth of possibilities, in a single colour or with a play of transparency, with a matt, satin or gloss finish, to suit all tastes and desires.

Collaboration with contemporary artists and designers for unique pieces

In addition to restoring antique objects, Ateliers Brugier collaborates with contemporary artists and designers. Together, they create unique pieces in lacquer. New textures, colors, decorative effects… the Maison’s craftsmen are constantly seeking to bring out new ideas. This collaboration between tradition and modernity allows them to push back the boundaries of creativity and explore new artistic possibilities. Les Ateliers Brugier are at the cutting edge of lacquer creation. The result is that many decorators commission them to produce decorative elements and wall panels. Atelier Brugier’s history and expertise make it an unrivalled reference in the field of lacquer.

herve van der straeten - ateliers brugier
Detail of a lacquered cabinet.
artisan d'art :entreprise epv ;
Lacquer chests of drawers. An Ateliers Brugier creation.

signatures singulieres - red lacquer coffee table
Creation of a lacquer furniture piece by Ateliers Brugier.


francois judet - directeur des ateliers brugierInterview with François Judet
Director of Ateliers Brugier.

What does object restoration involve?
And which pieces do you work on more specifically?

François Judet : For us, restoration consists, firstly, in ensuring that the object is in a good state of preservation and, secondly, in restoring the legibility of the decoration. As the object is generally of a certain age, it’s very important that it continues to make sense, and that it doesn’t become new again. We work on Chinese and Japanese lacquers, Art Deco lacquers and Vernis Martin.

You’re also an antique dealer, so what items does your collection consist of? Can you tell us more about the Coromandel lacquerware?

François Judet :  Our activity as antiques dealers corresponds to our passion for Chinese and Japanese lacquerware. It allows us to stay close to the history of these objects and understand them better. This proximity also enables us to better restore them, thanks to the wide variety of lacquerware we have on hand. Indeed, within this passion, we have a particular interest in Coromandel lacquerware, whose golden age was in the 17th century during the reign of the Chinese emperor Kangxi. These colorful, engraved lacquers are found on screens composed of twelve large panels. These are impressive and magnificent objects, about which Nicole Brugier has written the beautiful book “Les Laques de Coromandel”.

In terms of creation, what are you most proud of?

François Judet : Creation is the third pillar of our company. We believe we have a lot to contribute to the world of decoration by promoting our work. The quality of the materials and colors we produce is unique. In fact, the great names in interior design have understood this and use the refinement of our lacquer to reveal the luxury of their creations. Each of our creations is a source of pride, as we never make the same one twice. We create beautiful coffee tables as well as impressive wall panels in woodwork or doors. We also edit objects that respond to the artistic desires of our team members, whose personal inspirations take us in a wide variety of directions. Our collection of antique objects provides inspiration that blends with individual creative desires. We love showcasing old lacquer fragments, as well as creating a lamp referencing the staircase leading to Coco Chanel’s apartment on rue Cambon.


Art Deco style bathroom
Above: decorative lacquer panel. A project carried out for a client abroad. Below: Art Deco style bathroom.
The walls are covered entirely in lacquer.
decor en laque
Lacquer decor in a bathroom for a residential project.

porte en laque rouge
Red lacquer door for an apartment.

ateliers brugier
Creation of decorative lacquer panels.

meuble tele en laque sur mesure ;
Custom-made furniture from an old folding screen.
echantillons de laque des ateliers brugier
Above and below: samples of materials and colors. Ateliers Brugier.

laque decorative

ateliers brugier - lacquer specialist
Work in progress for a project in the United States. ample wall and reflections in a lacquered panel from Ateliers Brugier.

Decorative lacquer panel.
Decorative lacquer panel.
lacquer panel decor
Hand-painted decoration. Ateliers Brugier.
decorative lacquer
The manual know-how of Ateliers Brugier.

Ateliers Brugier
74 rue de Sèvres
75007 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 47 34 83 27

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