Haviland unveils the art
of connected porcelain

Haviland, a porcelain manufacturer in Limoges for 180 years, has unveiled a new table service made of connected porcelain inspired by ancient Egypt. The result is a prestigious poetic journey that made Signatures Singulières Magazine’s dream.

Maison haviland - french porcelain factory of Limoges
“Rêves de Nil” collection. A unique prestigious service that overturns the codes of the art of the table.

Oriental journeys at the table of the Haviland House

A kaleidoscope of flowers and oriental motifs enchants the eye. Blue and green, enhanced with gold, magnify this journey proposed by “Rêves de Nil”. Haviland has unveiled this new collection illustrating the porcelain manufacturer’s expertise in luxury tableware. The Limoges factory offers a poetic journey inspired by the Egypt of the pharaohs. In addition to the technical challenge solved by its French know-how, the Haviland House tells the story of a cultural civilization through the decorations on this service. Better still, the ancestral manufacturer is overturning the traditional codes of tableware. Haviland has connected the “Dreams of the Nile” service. A golden QR code on the back of each plate of the service tells the story of the 180 years of the manufacture. Between tradition and modernity, a slight revolution that seduced Signatures Singulières Magazine.

luxury porcelain of limoges
The creative team imagined this majestic frieze in relief, hand-painted in gold. House of Haviland.

A table service, between tradition and modernity

Haviland has brought together all of its French expertise to create a table of travel, poetry, and dreams. The porcelain maker has created relief decorations inspired by ancient Egypt. This art story inspires the service of each piece that worked like a goldsmith’s piece. The craftsmanship is based on the designs of the Haviland creative teams. In addition, the factory has a chromolithography printing facility within its workshops, a printing technique for the decorations. The gold layer and lines are also painted by hand. This handmade workmanship, specific to luxury tableware, makes it a prestigious service. However, the Haviland House does not forget the current lifestyles. For the first time, this embossed service meets contemporary expectations by being dishwasher safe. The know-how of a great French manufacturer such as Haviland is definitely in tune with our time.

luxury art of the table
“Rêves de Nil” collection.

The House of Haviland, the art of fine porcelain

Since its creation in 1842, the House of Haviland has always differentiated itself through constant innovation. With the “Rêves de Nil” service, the launch of connected porcelain is in this regard the new step of this constant research in innovation. Nevertheless, the manufacturer has always preserved its French know-how and even put it at the service of contemporary designers. The craftsmen of the factory have thus collaborated with designers such as Christian Ghion and Victoria Wilmotte to push the limits of porcelain. The know-how of the Haviland House is known internationally, particularly in Russia, the Middle East, and the United States. The porcelain maker also designs exceptional pieces at the request of prestigious establishments. The golden QR code on the back of each plate of “Rêves de Nil” will already be able to deliver to its owners the secrets of the know-how of the House of Haviland. Another poetic journey into the land of Limoges porcelain.

Maison Haviland
“Rêves de Nil” collection. Haviland House.
french porcelain
“Rêves de Nil” collection.

The House of Haviland celebrates 180 years of French know-how

It all began in New York with the discovery of a cup of tea of exquisite finesse and absolute white purity. David Haviland decided to cross the Atlantic to Limoges and discover the white gold artisans who produce such quality porcelain. The American earthenware merchant also discovered the nearby kaolin mines and decided to settle in Limoges. He founded his decoration workshop in 1842 and worked with the small local factories to transform the white gold into colorful decorative pieces. The Haviland saga began in 1842. The factory, created in 1853, never ceased to innovate and invited the greatest artists, such as Bourdelle, as early as 1900, to reinterpret white gold around high-quality porcelain. Tableware was thus revolutionized by the Haviland factory through innovative processes such as chromolithography. Labeled a Living Heritage Company in 2007 and IGP Limoges porcelain (protected geographical indication) for its defense of industrial and artisanal know-how of excellence, the Haviland House exports its signature of exceptional French porcelain throughout the world.

Art of the table Haviland
In 1864, the House of Haviland became the most important French porcelain factory. Some royal families and heads of state of the world succumbed to the charm and prestige of this Limoges porcelain. Among them, we find the wife of Napoleon III, Empress Eugenie, President Jacques Chirac, Prince Rainier of Monaco, as well as Presidents Roosevelt and Lincoln, to name but a few. For more than 180 years, the House of Haviland has contributed to French excellence by sublimating the finest tables of the world’s greatest hotels, such as the Ritz Paris, the Dorchester in London, and the Shangri-La Hotel in Paris.

Maison Haviland
6/8 rue Royale
75008 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 40 06 91 08

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