Stéphanie Coutas
custom-made furniture pieces

When interior designers create pieces of furniture, they are quite simply works of art. So, when interior designer Stéphanie Coutas designs a chandelier for Baccarat, it is just a jewel. Unique in its dimensions, the chandelier unfolds in width and creates a new occupation of space. Stéphanie Coutas also designs custom-made pieces for her high-end clientele, using quality materials such as marble, bronze, brass, wood, etc.

Above: bench in solid marble with through veins, engraved by digital technology, round hump structure with random strata. Dimensions: 130 x 30 x H 40 cm. Unique piece. Price on request.

Designed by Stéphanie Coutas for the Maison Baccarat, the “Paris” chandelier adapts to every interior. It works just as well beautifully in majestic villas or contemporary apartments with standard ceiling heights. This exceptional piece perfectly illustrates the unique expertise of Baccarat’s craftsmen.
Stephanie Coutas - French interior designer - Bronze coffee table - Signatures Singulières Magazine - The digital magazine of French talent
This table is a unique combination of solid bronze and wood. Its tabletop radiating a hand-made pattern, evokes the idea of wood from a tree trunk. Its base is made of polished brass. This table was made by a famous French foundry. Dimensions : H 160 x 45 cm. Limited edition of 8 pieces. Price on request.
Stephanie Coutas - French interior designer - wood and bronze table - Signatures Singulières Magazine - The digital magazine of French talent
“Mini Cambium” side table with a bronze top. Price on request.

Stéphanie Coutas
10 avenue Matignon
75008 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 81 29 31 90

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