Sybille de Margerie
a buble of well-being
at Royal Champagne Hotel & Spa

Interior designer Sybille de Margerie signs an exceptional new achievement with Royal Champagne hotel & spa. Signatures Singulières Magazine invites you to discover this haven of peace in Champagne. In the end, a stay that sparkles with beauty thanks to the decorator’s French talent!

In the lobby, a huge crystal flower chandelier captures the attention.
Salon fireplace of the Royal Champagne hotel.

A beautiful royal getaway in Champagne

What if we took off for a beautiful getaway in the Champagne vineyards? Come with us, Signatures Singulières Magazine will take you to discover a heritage place transformed into a prestigious contemporary hotel. The Royal Champagne hotel has been elegantly and subtly designed by Sybille de Margerie. Sybille de Margerie was thus inspired by the history of this former coaching inn. This place hosted the Kings of France on their way to their coronation in Reims, then after Napoleon Bonaparte himself. Sybille de Margerie also elegantly recalls the Champagne terroir where the hotel is set. The 48 rooms and reception areas offer as many details as the shoots of vines branches and amber champagne colors. This contemporary setting is also accompanied by a starred restaurant and a spa. You will be able to immerse yourself completely in a pure bubble of well-being facing the Champagne vineyards.

Above: skylight in the heart of the lobby, the monumental spiral staircase leads to the lounges and the restaurant located on the 1st floor. To get there, just follow the silhouette of the handsome rider sculpted in the staff, emblem of the hotel, adorning the walls!

Aerial bubbles inspiration

Royal Champagne is located in Champillon, just 1:30 hours from Paris. It thus offers a direct view over the famous neighboring champagne estates. Sybille de Margerie design not only recalls the past of the premises but also the Champagne region. Each room is thus a cocoon of softness, formed by natural materials such as light wood and colored glass. A delicate mix of pastel and tangy tones colors these intimate settings. The decorator designed the wall hangings, decorated with vine motifs. Only the Joséphine suite is dressed in a soft blue, inspired by the Empress’s damask. Sybille de Margerie always promotes craftmanship as shown with the immense crystal flower chandelier made to measure in the heart of the lobby. The transparency of the whole is reminiscent of aerial champagne bubbles.

sybille de margerie - Hôtel Royal Champagne - signatures singulieres magazine
The bisronomic restaurant, Le Bellevue is located in the continuity of the bar. It opens onto terraces and offers a beautiful panorama of the vines.
sybille de margerie - Hôtel Royal Champagne - signatures singulieres magazine
Recently starred gourmet restaurant, Le Royal. This is composed of a round room furnished in its center with a large table lit by a monumental chandelier in amber glass bubbles. Covers are set under the knowing gaze of elegant women hosted by Napoleon. They are subtly painted on four large screens rising up in front of the walls in shades of gold.

The signature of a great French talent

It is no coincidence that the owners of Royal Champagne chose Sybille de Margerie to renovate the hotel. For thirty years, the interior designer has been designing prestigious interiors and hotels. The decorator thus makes luxury shine in every detail, including starred restaurants. The round room of the Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant of Royal Champagne astonishes by its walls with golden gradient. Napoleonic figures painted on four large screens are also reminiscent of history, lit by a sumptuous chandelier made of amber glass bubbles. The refined decoration of the restaurant Le Royal clearly arouses the taste-buds. The layout of the Royal Champagne hotel by Sybille de Margerie includes a bright spa, serving an intimate serenity. An atmosphere of French elegance that could not fail to seduce Signatures Singulières Magazine.

Spa and well-being. A wide range of tailor-made treatments signed Biologique Recherche and KOS are offered and carried out by the expert hands of the therapists.
Suite Joséphine is dressed in a very soft blue, reminiscent of the Empress’s damask. Bathroom in travertine.
sybille de margerie - Hôtel Royal Champagne - signatures singulieres magazine
Bathroom in travertine.
sybille de margerie - Hôtel Royal Champagne - signatures singulieres magazine
Upstairs: Garden suite, with private terrace. Above: Champagne suite with view of the vineyards and garden.
sybille de margerie - Hôtel Royal Champagne - signatures singulieres magazine
Swimming pool of the hotel Royal Champagne.


Sybille de Margerie
52, avenue Victor Hugo
75116 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 40 55 70 70

Hôtel Royal Champagne

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