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Since 2015, Franck Genser has been creating contemporary furniture pieces unlike anything we have ever seen. Combining functionality, art and emotion, each one revisits the codes of interior design with rare boldness and elegance. Franck Genser’s multi-disciplinary team of engineers and craftsmen bring his fantasies to life. Freely inspired by his own imagination, the designer allows himself to explore all creative avenues. With a mantra that stamps his seal on every one of his eccentric pieces of furniture: create what isn’t already! The Parisian design studio opened its doors to the editors of Signatures Singulières Magazine. And what we discovered touched our hearts. An immersion in a world where Beauty has definitely taken up quarters!

Above: Franck Genser. Chumtak desk. Right: Onishi coffee table covered in Japanese lacquer. Armchair (left) Tétralobite in wool knit. Chance armchair.

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The Chumtak desk is an emblematic piece, produced in an edition of 7. Its base is in American walnut and its top in sfumato lacquer. It features two interior drawers lined in blue plunged calfskin. Trompette armchair, carved solid walnut base.

signatures singulieres magazine - design chest - franck genser
Jelly chest of drawers. Polished chrome finish – Oak drawers. Franck Genser.

From designer to artist, There is only one step

An engineer by training and an entrepreneur by passion, Franck Genser is also a designer whose contemporary creations have left their mark on the world of interior design. A lifelong enthusiast of early twentieth-century furniture, he cultivates the creative freedom characteristic of the Roaring Twenties, which saw the emergence of new forms. It’s an ambition that he has taken up with brio! Fascinated by the soul of objects and their influence on individuals, he opted for a sensitive aesthetic. Presiding over every design, his quest for Beauty is the first dimension of the use of his furniture. A psychological utility reminiscent of Gestalt therapy! In this discipline, which Franck Genser trained in, the design approach focuses on the constant interaction of the human being with his or her environment. The result? Emotionally vibrant objects that leave no one unmoved…

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Vesuvius work table. Parchment-covered top. Walnut legs. The Vesuvius table is equipped with an “up and down” system on electromechanical jacks, allowing height adjustment for sitting or standing.

The nobility of French craftsmanship

As ambassadors for the excellence of French craftsmanship, all Franck Genser creations are astonishing in their purity of line, but also in the nobility of their materials. Each piece of furniture is a blend of exceptional craftsmanship and heritage. This ability to withstand the test of time is due as much to their timeless aesthetics as to their exacting manufacturing standards! Entirely dedicated to high-end bespoke creations, this Parisian design studio has chosen to work exclusively with noble materials such as walnut, parchment, marble, alabaster and Japanese lacquer. These first-rate materials will develop a charming patina over time, adding that extra touch of soul to the whole!

fabric pierre frey ;interior design - franck genser
On the wall: Splash wall light sculpted in alabaster (one-of-a-kind). Trompette armchair in walnut, limited edition of 7. Pierre Frey fabric. Chumtak Hollywood chest of drawers in sequin (one-of-a-kind). In the foreground, Sorry sofa/stool, wool and brass. Eclair hanging lamp.

Franck Genser, a man of his time

But what’s most appealing about Franck Genser’s contemporary furniture pieces is their astonishing shapes, whose singularity is recognizable at first glance. A case in point is the Chumtak desk, a spectacular piece in American walnut and sfumato lacquer. We also love the Shogun dining table, which, as its name suggests, brings together Japanese aesthetics and the minimalist spirit of Franck Genser. Enhanced by bright red lacquer! But the favorite of the Signatures Singulières editorial team is undoubtedly the Piscine coffee table. A must-have piece by Franck Genser, it embodies all the designer’s playfulness, with its ladder-shaped base in waxed brass. The hot-patinated bronze top offers this unique blue color. A creation to be reserved for interiors that don’t shy away!

signatures singulieres magazine - blown glass chandelier
Vésube table and Tabou stools. Above and below: Cloud suspension in blown glass. Cloud is made to order in France, so each piece is unique.
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Top: Franck Genser showroom. Cloud suspension in blown glass. Cloud is made to order in France, each piece is unique. Above: Ministre desk. Lilac marble top. Legs in patinated bronze.
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Shogun dining table. Beech structure and red lacquer top. Showroom Veronese. Memento side table by Dan Yeffet Design Studio. Aktis hanging lamp by Samuel Accoceberry.
designer walnut bookcase ;modular bookcase ;
Topologique bookcase/claustra in walnut. Offers an infinite number of possible compositions. Walnut dining table. Its fantasy lies in its base. A loop seems to emerge from the top, which can be made of leather, stone or composite material. Organo-mineral” top. Decision armchair in walnut.
plaster console ;decorative fireplace ;
Temple decorative plaster console, evoking a fireplace. 1250 x 320 x 1200 mm.
franck genser - alabaster chandelier
Cascade hanging lamp in alabaster. Cascade is ideal for lighting a dining table, entrance hall or corridor. Configuration on request.

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