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When we think of the French Art de Vivre, we immediately imagine old stones. Or a timeless, elegantly luxurious decor, with a harmonious blend of antique furniture and contemporary creations. We see a convivial table beautifully set, a chiselled porcelain plate with delicate dishes ready to delight our taste buds. Champagne and fine wines are served, and a distinguished, discreetly chic figure passes in the distance. Belles lettres, culture, traditions, courtesy and know-how are also the images that spontaneously spring to mind.

In short, we love the unique French Art de Vivre that emanates from our tangible and intangible heritage. What’s more, we’re proud of it and want to pass it on to future generations. In fact, our neighbors, near and far, envy us and seek to make it their own. Look at the success of our luxury brands, designers and top chefs abroad. Trade fairs dedicated to our Art de Vivre are even organized in London, Moscow, Singapore and Saudi Arabia!

Who are these creators, artists and craftsmen who, thanks to their exceptional skills, spread the French Art de Vivre?

The aim is to introduce you to these talented personalities, who are committed to history and tradition. But they’re also capable of breaking free of these constraints to create exceptional creations. This is the aim of Signatures Singulières magazine. Highlighting passionate creators who, in the secrecy of their workshops, imagine, shape and develop formidable innovations.

Signatures Singulières Magazine and its publisher

miguel Duterrier, publishing director, Signatures Singulières Magazine.

Miguel Duterrier has been Artistic Director of various interior design magazines, including the luxury Les Plus Beaux Intérieurs.

Through meetings with renowned artists, designers, architects and decorators, Miguel Duterrier has become familiar with their unique worlds. What do they have in common? culture, a passion for craftsmanship and exceptional know-how.

Amazed by their creativity and enthusiasm, Miguel Duterrier takes you on a tour of their creations. He shares with you the secrets of their success in Signatures Singulières magazine, born in May 2018. Architecture, art, design, fine automobiles, exceptional hotels and more have been featured in this magnificent magazine for over a year now.

Thanks to this new medium, we’re discovering talent in a whole new light. Interviews, articles, videos, sublime photos, the editorial team does its utmost to make you want to follow their news.

We wish long life to these sometimes age-old skills, and to Signatures Singulières, which brings them to everyone’s attention!

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