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Editions Taschen
Paris, Portrait d’une ville

“Paris, Portrait d’une ville” guides us through what Goethe described as “a universal city where every step on a bridge, on a square, reminds us of a great past, where at every street corner a fragment of history has unfolded”.

This magnificent work published by Taschen Editions brings together nearly 300 images of the city and a detailed list of the 100 best books, films and music inspired by the capital. It is a perfect tribute to the beauty, romanticism and poetry of Paris, the city of Marcel Proust and Coco Chanel, capital of Impressionism and Surrealism. Paris, Portrait of a City is a fascinating mix of images from the past and present. This beautiful work is also accompanied by a unique photographic study which, in a sense, could be the real family album of any Parisian. An original way to discover the capital, according to Signatures Singulières Magazine.

Signatures Singulières. Livre Portrait d'une ville aux Editions Taschen,

Paris, Portrait d’une ville, 30 € – Editions Taschen.

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