Editions des Falaises
les Secrets de Malmaison

Richly illustrated, the book Le Palais d’une Impératrice, published by Editions des Falaises, allows you to revisit the castle of Malmaison, the palace of Josephine.

The palace of an Empress

How did Malmaison Castle become this palace? How was this private residence treated as an official residence? What life was led there in the time of Josephine and Napoleon? What transformations did their divorce bring to the functioning of this unique residence? Why talk about the palace of an empress? Isabelle Tamisier-Vétois (chief curator of heritage at La Malmaison) and Christophe Pincemaille (conservation attaché at La Malmaison) attempt to answer all these questions that form the framework of this book.

By relying on numerous unpublished documents, they reveal a part, hitherto unknown, of the history of this place of memory par excellence. The reader now has new keys to discover Malmaison.

Malmaison, Le palais d’une impératrice – 34 €. Editions des Falaises.

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