Cécile Ballureau
exclusive interview

Cécile Ballureau, a sculptor and interior designer, spoke to Signatures Singulières Magazine and reveals her passion for design and sculpture. Cécile Ballureau, qui a tout appris des meilleurs designers de Paris, privilégie ainsi la création de pièces uniques à la fois esthétiques et décoratives. His talent is recognized by the world’s greatest decorators. At the same time this self-taught woman does not take herself seriously.

Animal Themed

For her, animals are an infinite source of inspiration, as shown by her famous “Rottweller” bench, or the “Marche où la route nous mène” coffee table which amusingly refashions the centipede! And she doesn’t stop there. Thus, next to bears and dogs, insects and fossils but also humans appear in stools, consoles, happiness of the day …

Ambitious projects do not scare her. The “Banc à la lionne” is inspired by the furniture of Pharaohs. The artist even uses luxurious materials: bronzes, valuable slates, leather, silver, gold… When it comes to creating luxury furniture, you need to surround yourself with the best craftsmen, from design to manufacturing. As a skilled and imaginative leader, she knows like no other how to direct their savoir-faire to produce exceptional pieces.

Cécile Ballureau
4 rue du Mail
75002 Paris
Tél. : + 33(0)6 09 05 18 84

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