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French bathroom furniture manufacturer DECOTEC launches its support service for interior design and architecture professionals. The bespoke service integrates the quality of DECOTEC furniture into exclusive proposals. Presentation with Signatures Singulières Magazine.

Above: Karma Neural beige lacquer furniture, a collaboration between Cosentino and DECOTEC STUDIO.

meuble en Dekton®
Karma Somnia furniture, a collaboration between Cosentino and DECOTEC STUDIO.

DECOTEC, a committed bathroom furniture designer

As a designer and manufacturer of bathroom accessories and furniture, DECOTEC has been applying the excellence of its know-how to the creation of top-of-the-range furniture for 45 years. The unique design of DECOTEC furniture is based on a combination of materials carefully selected by the company’s craftsmen. Discover unique bathroom furniture with meticulous finishes, distinguished by their functionality and modernity.

Located in Tuffé in the Sarthe region of France, our five workshops cover all stages of production. Moulders, ceramists, cabinetmakers, joiners and lacquerers follow one another throughout the manufacturing process to produce excellent bathroom furniture to order. This short circuit reduces the carbon footprint of the company, which makes a point of sourcing raw materials of European origin, such as PEFC-certified furniture wood. This expertise is also recognized by the EPV label – Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant – which highlights the excellence of DECOTEC craftsmanship and the company’s constant quest for innovation.

fabricant francais de mobilier de salle de bains
Above and below: concept voyage by Masini & Potente for DECOTEC STUDIO.

DECOTEC STUDIO, the made-to-measure configuration service

DECOTEC launches DECOTEC STUDIO, its service dedicated to special projects and decorating professionals. This service is aimed at architects and designers who wish to design their bathrooms using the multiple possibilities offered by the expertise of DECOTEC’s craftsmen. DECOTEC STUDIO offers a remarkable, highly decorative approach to bathroom design, in keeping with the brand’s DNA and values. Like all the beautiful homes featured in Signatures Singulières Magazine, DECOTEC STUDIO is dedicated to high-end decoration. Its ambition? To transform everyday moments spent in the bathroom into moments of voluptuous well-being.

salle de bains sur mesure - decotec studio

Collaborations in the spotlight at DECOTEC STUDIO

To mark the launch of its support service, DECOTEC STUDIO has called on two marvellous craftsmen to design remarkable facades for the Karma collection: Véronique de Soultrait and Steaven Richard. Véronique de Soultrait is passionate about weaving techniques and working with yarns and ropes, creating unique, elegant and refined textile creations, full of poetry. For DECOTEC STUDIO, she magnifies the facades of the Karma collection in braided rope with a snail motif. As for Steaven Richard, a specialist in artistic metalwork, he combines traditional know-how with technological innovations to create decorations and design objects in steel, bronze and brass, thanks to a patented lamination process. His reinterpretation of the Karma collection in textured metal and linen pattern is exceptional.

The talent and exacting standards of these craftsmen, combined with DECOTEC’s know-how, have resulted in an original collection of the highest quality and beauty. Bold, clever and elegant, this collaboration presents exclusive models, available to order. At Signatures Singulières Magazine, we’re spellbound.

Véronique de Soultrait
Karma collection. Rope front designed by Véronique de Soultrait. Available in 200 and 140 cm units.
Steaven Richard et decotec studio
Metallic facade by Steaven Richard.
savoir faire francais - fabricant francais de mobilier de salle de bains
DECOTEC manufacturing workshop.

3 bd Voltaire
75011 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 53 36 15 75

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