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Atelier Lebuisson,
exceptional textile creations

Founded in 2004 by Delphine Nobili, Atelier Lebuisson is made up of a creative team and embroiderers who create bespoke textile designs. French expertise transforms textile design into an art form in its own right. Her passion for embroidery and textile finishing began when she discovered an Indian embroiderer in 2004. It was an unexpected discovery that turned her away from the career path she thought was already mapped out for her. Gone was her career as a linguistics teacher, and now it was time to focus on design. After ten years working with this providential craftsman, Delphine Nobili decided to set up her own business, determined to make a name for herself in the small world of exceptional embroidery. Come and (re)discover these sublime embroideries with Signatures Singulières Magazine.

Above: Delphine Nobili, founder of Atelier Lebuisson. Right: embroidery created with 2 shades of gold beads to create an abstract texture in volume.

atelier lebuisson - Embroidered lace
Embroidered lace and applied leather.

L’Atelier Lebuisson, unlimited creativity

With Atelier Lebuisson, Delphine Nobili has always wanted to combine her creative vision, her passion for innovation and experimentation with her knowledge of brands. Her ambition? To develop contemporary textile designs by revisiting the traditional aesthetic codes of embroidery. The result is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity.

And her signature is not without appeal! As proof, the Atelier has been involved in a number of emblematic projects that showcase the exceptional creativity of the House’s staff. Atelier Lebuisson’s expertise and commitment to promoting artistic craftsmanship has also been recognised by the Institut pour les Savoir-Faire Français (formerly INMA). It has also been selected, along with 25 other French SMEs, to join the Bpifrance ‘savoir-faire d’exception’ Accelerator, an incubator supported by the French Ministry of Culture.

contemporary embroidery workshop in paris
New contemporary embroidery by Atelier Lebuisson for its Interior collection, with an embroidered texture. This work brings together different techniques: paint, chenille thread and thread embroidery.

Research, prototyping and production

The Atelier Lebuisson is the epicentre of innovation. It manages research, the creation of prototypes and collections, and the production of one-off pieces. The workshop translates textile designs into graphic and technical forms with an unwavering passion for each project. At the same time, the production management office oversees all aspects of order processing, guaranteeing precision and quality. The workshop’s exceptional expertise in bespoke embroidery enables it to meet the demands of luxury brands. It’s a true centre of excellence where a passionate team creates masterpieces. Delphine Nobili, who is also the director of the design studio, is essential in guaranteeing the creative excellence that sets the Atelier Lebuisson apart.

Organza and silk embroidery - atelier lebuisson
Frayed silk Organza embroidery and beading.
pearl embroidery - signatures singulieres magazine
Above left: horsehair undulation and pearl embroidery. Right: fantasy pearls and seed beads.
Textile embroidery for interiors
Above left: frayed Organza and chiffon and thread embroidery. Right: textile manipulation of tulles.

There’s only one step from fashion to interior design!

Renowned for its excellent embroidery work, Atelier Lebuisson proudly collaborates with illustrious names in the luxury industry. Its extensive list of prestigious references includes brands such as LVMH, Celine, Fendi, Delvaux, Armani Privé and many more. Proof of the quality of its craftsmanship, the Atelier was even a finalist in the LVMH Elle Artisanes 2023 contest. What really sets it apart is its ability to adapt its creativity to the diverse needs of each project.

Although the Atelier Lebuisson is renowned in the world of haute couture, its exceptional savoir-faire allows it to approach the field of interior design. And on high-quality projects! In fact, the workshop took part in the Mobilier National’s first “Aliénés” season. Not to mention being part of the Par Excellence New York collective. Thanks to its expertise and capacity for innovation, Atelier Lebuisson also collaborates with famous designers to create pieces that add a unique and elegant touch to the most luxurious interiors. Through its impressive portfolio and commitment to innovation, Atelier Lebuisson continues to inspire and amaze with its unique textile creations. For Signatures Singulières Magazine, L’Atelier Lebuisson represents unrivalled French know-how in the art of exceptional embroidery and textile design.

embroidered armchair
Armchairs delicately embroidered by l’Atelier Lebuisson.
embroidered cushion
Embroidered cushions in bio-plastic materials for a residential project.

french know-how - embroidered decorative panel
Creation of an ecoresponsible embroidered acoustic divider, using different techniques and materials.

made-to-measure textile creations
Above and below: embroidered decorative panel.

embroidery workshop in paris

Atelier Lebuisson
59 rue du faubourg Saint-Antoine
75011 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 77 11 99 37

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