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Founded in 1983 by Grégoire Milojevitch, SIGébène specializes in contemporary cabinetmaking and made-to-measure fittings. Recognized by project managers and interior architects, SIGébène applies its expertise to prestigious projects in the residential, hotel, boutique and head office sectors. Discover SIGébène with Signatures Singulières Magazine.

Above: Grégoire Milojevitch, founder and CEO of SIGébène. Customized dressing room for a residential project. ©Markelst Photo

sigebene - french cabinet maker
Wall panels, arches, frames and glass door for a residential project in London.

SIGébène, a personalized and custom approach

Located near Paris, SIGébène has a 3,500 m² space and is structured into different departments in order to provide its clients with technical, aesthetic and innovative solutions.The company has a project management department that collects, organizes, advises and guarantees the success of various layouts. Its design office produces 3D plans to turn dreams into reality. The finishing workshop develops customized finishes for each project. Last but not least, the installation team ensures state-of-the-art installation. SIGébène stands out for its craftsmanship. Each project is treated with care and attention to detail. The materials used are carefully selected, offering the perfect combination of aesthetics and durability.

custom-made office furniture
Desk and wall unit for a residential project in the South of France. SIGébène.
custom-made bookcase - sigebene
Oak bookcase with hidden door.

Unique, high-end interiors

SIGébène also carries out international projects. Its expertise and craftsmanship are used to create exceptional interior spaces in different countries. Whether for private residences, commercial spaces, hotels or restaurants, SIGébène brings its creativity and professionalism to meet the highest expectations. Thanks to its experience and dedicated team, SIGébène offers personalized, high-end creations that reflect contemporary trends.

french cabinetmaker and fitters
Bar area custom-made by SIGébène.

SIGébène, recognized expertise

In all, no fewer than 62 employees create exceptional spaces. SIGébène’s craftsmanship is widely recognized in the contemporary cabinetmaking and bespoke fittings sector. In fact, the company has been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label, a distinction that recognizes the excellence of French craftsmanship. What’s more, SIGébène is a member of Atelier d’Art de France, an institution that brings together professionals from the arts and crafts sector. An achievement praised by Signatures Singulières Magazine.


Grégoire Milojevitch, founder of sigébène Interview with Grégoire Milojevitch
Founder and CEO of SIGébène.

What has been your career path?

Grégoire Milojevitch: I loved woodworking from a very early age.
At weekends, I worked for my parents or their friends in the family garage, which had been converted into a small workshop. When I graduated from the Ecole Boulle at the age of 19, I innocently launched myself into entrepreneurship.

How and why did you create SIGébène?

Grégoire Milojevitch: like Obélix, I fell into it when I was young! I used to work at weekends in a small workshop, so when I graduated from the Ecole Boulle in 1983, I embarked on this wonderful adventure. It was a very innocent thing to do, because I didn’t know anything about the world of work. I had to learn all about business, corporate life and the culture of success. Looking back, and now that the adventure has been going on for 40 years, I think I did the right thing! It’s a real pleasure to be able to create magnificent works with committed, perfectionist colleagues.

You’ve been bringing SIGébène to life for 40 yeras. What are your daily sources of inspiration?

Grégoire Milojevitch: when I started out, I met some very fine people, such as Christian Liaigre and Peter Marino, and that gave me a taste for beautiful things and a desire to create beautiful works. Then I wanted to help interior designers. That’s why I developed a research laboratory for finishes and materials, which enables us to create unique pieces. Alongside this development, we offer a new collection of materials every year, just as the fashion world does. And then, for the past 40 years, it’s also been the pleasure of creating, developing and valuing our employees, and ensuring that our work is a passion and a pleasure every day. Last but not least, it means satisfying customers by offering them a highly personalized service and unique fixtures and fittings made to the highest standards.

Can you tell us about some of your achievements around the world? Which ones are you most proud of?

Grégoire Milojevitch: we’re proud of every job we do, because all our customers are delighted to discover rare skills. I’m thinking in particular of ceilings in the shape of mushroom strips created in Canada, the fitting out of a Motu in Polynesia, an apartment in Moscow for which we created 24 different finishes, a smoking room in New York with a So British ambience, a Victorian-style château in Cannes, and above all, on each project, we always achieve a technical feat such as a handle, a finish, a molding, a patina… each piece is an exception, which is a real source of pride.


Grégoire Milojevitch: because entrepreneurship is a real passion, we’re planning to expand our workshops, as our projects are getting bigger and bigger. These require a lot of space, both to assemble them for fitting and finishing, and to present them to our customers before installation. And we may even expand into the USA.


stained glass door ;atelier saint didier
Left: varnished liquidambar wall panels. Atelier Saint-Didier stained glass door and SIGébène brass structure. Right: custom doors on invisible pivots.
dry stone fireplace
Storage unit and wall cladding in weathered spruce with integrated door. SIGébène.

bespoke designer kitchen ;granite kitchen worktop ;
Custom-designed walnut kitchen for a residential project.
custom-made kitchen ;travertine flooring
Custom-built kitchen for a residential project. ©Markelst Photo
custom bathroom ;terrasso sink - sigebene
Custom bathroom furniture for a project in London. ©Felix Speller
magazine de decoration;french craftsman
Above: Oak weaving in the SIGébène workshops. Above left: handle made in the SIGébène workshops.
Right: invisible high-gloss chrome hinge for nubuck door with chrome frame.

eucalyptus bookcase
Left: eucalyptus bookcase for a residential project. Right: custom-made pull handle for sliding door in smoked liquidambar.
sigebene, high-end french cabinetmaker
SIGébène’s manual skills.

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