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Tisserant Art & Style,
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Since 1930, Tisserant Art & Style has embodied French excellence in the creation of bronze lighting and furniture. Located in the heart of Paris, Tisserant Art & Style continues to perpetuate its know-how and develop bronze work, combining bronze and new materials, traditional techniques and innovation. Presentation with Signatures Singulières Magazine.

Above: Pompadour sconce (ref. 24750), chased bronze with 24-carat gilding and rock-crystal parakeet. PDH Jardin Imaginaire collection. ©Andrea Bartoluccio

bronze design floor lamp - ulgador
Pedestal table (ref. 48000) in 24-carat gilded bronze, eglomised glass. Created by Tisserant Art & Style in collaboration with Ulgador. ©Betül Balka
duvivier canapes -french manufacturer of high-end canapes
Set of 5 IQANDA pendants (ref. 37160), bronze and ostrich eggs. PDH Constellation Collection.
Staged by Mauricio Clavero for the Duvivier Canapés showroom. ©Adel Fecih

maitre bronzier ; entreprise epv

Tisserant Art & Style: history and know-how

In the 1920s, Émile Tisserant, the company’s founder, began his career as a bronzemaker working alongside Armand-Albert Rateau, a famous French decorator and one of the most important creators of Art Deco. Prototyping for Rateau, he produced his first models, which he sent to a family foundry that still exists today and with which he forged close ties. It was against this backdrop that Tisserant Art & Style was born. Since 1930, Tisserant has maintained Rateau’s vision, while allowing itself to play with the design and finish of its historic models.

At Tisserant Art & Style, each stage in the manufacture of a bronze luminaire requires meticulous care and great dexterity on the part of our craftsmen. The manufacturing process bears witness to their highly technical skills.

Many different trades are involved: the modeler, responsible for sculpting the model to be used by the caster; the molder-founder, who makes the imprint in the sand where the bronze will be cast; the turner, responsible for working the round pieces and the decorations; the gilder, who applies a thin layer of 24-carat gold to the bronze; the chaser, who gives life to the reliefs and plays with light and shadow; the assembler, who assembles the chandelier parts, often numbering in the thousands; and the crystal-maker, who brings out the light by assembling the crystals and composing the rosettes.

Tisserant Art & Style has preserved this exceptional craftsmanship for four generations, and has been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label, which recognizes companies with outstanding expertise. An achievement also praised by Signatures Singulières Magazine.

Canard floor lamp (ref. 63500), bronze with brown patina and 24-carat gold gilding, frosted glass bowl.
PDH Jardin Imaginaire collection by Rateau.

magazine digital de decoration
Disque lamp (ref. 310), rock crystal and 24-carat gilded bronze.

tisserant art et style ;bronzier d'art
Corail candlestick (ref. 125), gilded and silvered bronze. Collection: PDH Constellation.

Prestigious achievements

Tisserant Art & Style’s lighting fixtures, furniture and decorative objects grace the finest architectural projects on five continents. Tisserant Art & Style collaborates with renowned designers and architects such as Pierre-Yves Rochon, Mauricio Clavero and Pierre Gonalons to create unique pieces of remarkable design. Tisserant Art & Style’s prestigious projects include the restoration of the chandeliers in the Opera House at the Château de Versailles, contributing to the preservation of France’s historic heritage. The company also illuminated the reception hall of the Royal Palace in Bangkok. Tisserant Art & Style has established itself as a major player in the field of interior architecture.

Four Seasons bar at the George V Hotel in Paris
Chandelier created especially for the Four Seasons bar at the George V Hotel in Paris. @Peter Vitale
contemporary bronze chandelier
Upside-down tree chandelier specially designed for a private residential project.

Custom lighting and furniture too

The Tisserant Art & Style catalog now boasts over 3,000 models. From sconces to floor lamps, lamps to chandeliers, each piece is crafted with attention to detail. Noble materials such as bronze, rock crystal and Bohemian crystal give life to creations of incomparable elegance. Optical and lighting effects are the very essence of these high-end fixtures.

In addition to lighting fixtures, the bronzier d’art offers a range of furniture and decorative objects that harmoniously complement any interior design project. Tables, chairs, stools, glasses, mirrors – each piece of furniture and object is crafted in the finest tradition, reflected in every detail, offering a rare and luxurious experience. Tisserant Art & Style also offers tailor-made products to meet the specific needs of its customers. The customization of lighting fixtures and furniture enables the creation of unique pieces that reflect the vision and aesthetic of each individual.

bronze console -tisserant art et style
Oryx console table (ref. 43950), black marble top and patinated bronze base, signed Rateau.
PDH Jardin Imaginaire collection.
objet de curiosité - volevatch - taillardat
Oryx console table (ref. 43950), black marble top and gilded bronze leaf base, and Palmyre wall lamp (ref. 23500), gilded bronze with 24-carat gold, signed Rateau. PDH Jardin Imaginaire collection. Staged by Mauricio Clavero for the Volevatch Showroom. Taillardat armchair and Objet de Curiosité objects. ©Andrea Bartoluccio

FOREVER, the new bronze lighting collection
by Pierre Gonalons

In 2023, Tisserant Art & Style presents its new “FOREVER” collection. Produced in collaboration with designer Pierre Gonalons, it features gouged bronze fixtures with a 24-carat gilded finish and rock crystal or rose quartz beads. Inspired by the jewelry of the 70s, this collection reinvents the French tradition of bronze fixtures, combining textures and shapes to create exclusive pieces.

The House has also recently established a prestigious collaboration with Nusom Collective in London, representing some of the world’s finest craftsmen and artists. This partnership is a testament to Tisserant Art & Style’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of design, craftsmanship and creativity. Tisserant Art & Style is much more than a bronze lighting house. It is a symbol of French craftsmanship, perpetuating a unique know-how since 1930. Thanks to its prestigious creations and its new “FOREVER” collection, Tisserant Art & Style continues to seduce the world of interior design with ever more audacious lighting fixtures.

pierre gonbalons and tisserant art et style
Forever lamp (ref. 176), 24-carat gilded bronze, rose quartz. A collection designed by Pierre Gonalons for Tisserant Art & Style. ©Paul Blind
pierre gonbalons gallery
Chandelier (ref. 10176), floor lamp (ref. 60176), wall lamp (ref. 20176), bronze lamp (ref. 176) and rock crystal and rose quartz beads. Galerie Pierre Gonalons. ©Stephan Julliard
art bronze workshop in paris
From top to bottom and left to right: brazing, deburring, chasing and crystal-cutting. Tisserant Art & Style.

Tisserant Art & Style
9 rue Sébastien
75011 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 47 00 37 37

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