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“Be bold, even more bold, always be bold!” Stephanie Coutas, the famous interior designer, is a true reference in Parisian decoration. For Signatures Singulières Magazine, Stéphanie Coutas presents one of her latest projects, a sublime villa in the “bohemian style”, with a view of Saint-Tropez.

Above left: Stéphanie Coutas, interior designer. Right: panel wall: carved wood, Etienne Moyat.

stephanie coutas - french interior designer - luxury villa in saint tropez - signatures singulieres magazine
Lounge chairs Gervassoni.

Stéphanie Coutas, an outstanding decorator

Thanks to her passion for perfection and beauty, Stéphanie Coutas’ agency — SC Edition — designs houses all over the world. Its particularity? To be able to manage all the phases of a project. From ex-nihilo design to construction, from project follow-up to final “turnkey” delivery. Decorated with the greatest care of course. Therefore, unique! In Saint-Tropez, a sun-drenched country where we live outside, the base is good. A house that lives in such a way that once all the windows are open, the outside invites itself inside. And vice versa!

stephanie coutas - french interior designer - tribu furniture - signatures singulieres magazine
Tribù sofa, armchairs, coffee table and cushions – Mood collection.

The fine flower of craftsmen

So Stéphanie Coutas emphasizes natural materials. And this time again, she finds the best partners to support her. Like J.D Staron who practices the art of weaving exceptional carpets and rugs. “During a visit to the showroom, I spotted magnificent falls of natural vegetable silks and weaving yarns brought back from India in incredible colours. From this marriage of textiles from all over the world was born the IBIZA rug, produced in the J.D. Staron workshops and presented in our villa in Saint-Tropez”.

stephanie coutas - french interior designer - Emmanuel Renoult - marche paul bert - exteta - signatures singulieres magazine
Above: coffee table: vintage tavertine coffee table from Emmanuel Renoult – marché Paul Bert. Rug: designed by Stéphanie Coutas. Indian vegetable silk, natural dyeing, responsible manufacturing by Staron. Artwork (book): David Hockney by Taschen Editions.

Back to basics

The use of brands such as Tribù, Rock the Kasbah or Asiatide, gives her decoration style a multicultural feel. Signatures Singulières Magazine salutes the artisanal charm that emanates from this beautiful villa. There is a tasteful mix of pieces created by Stéphanie Coutas and iconic furniture, such as the emblematic “Egg Chair” (1959) by Nanna and Juergen Ditzel. With its soft, warm colors and the talent of Stéphanie Coutas, the villa is a source of joy and happiness.

stephanie coutas - french interior designer -etienne moyat - pierre frey - signatures singulieres magazine
Rug: Staron. Lamps, Rock the Kasbah by Philippe Xerri. Futon: Pierre Frey fabric. Panel wall: carved wood, Etienne Moyat. Art object, bronze Albert Féraud 1956.
stephanie coutas - french interior designer - elitis - marche serpette - Kitchen in travertine - signatures singulieres magazine
Kitchen designed by SC Design. Chairs: vintage – Patrick Chassang – marché Serpette. Wallpaper Elitis.
stephanie coutas - french interior designer - kai aspire sculptor - signatures singulieres magazine
Above: armchair: Pols Potten – Peggy chair in cream. Linen curtains, Jules et Jim. Sculptures by KaÏ Aspire – Artwork on terrace: 6-piece table sculpture in porcelain stoneware, Agnès Debizet. Bed linens and pillows, Galimberti. Lamps, Rock the Kasbah.
stephanie coutas - french interior designer - galerie glustin - leather kapara - signatures singulieres magazine
In the master bedroom, lamps with alabaster lampshade, Glustin Gallery. Braided leather cushions, Kapara.
stephanie coutas - french interior designer - leather kapara - extreta - signatures singulieres magazine
Walls: matte marble – bamboo cut. Sewn leather stool, Extreta. Towels designed by SC. Hanging chair + cushion: Sika design, Nanna et Jorgen Ditzel.

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