Stéphanie Coutas
opening of the first gallery in Paris

Stéphanie Coutas opens her first art gallery in the heart of the Golden Triangle in Paris. Signatures Singulières Magazine invites you to discover his artistic work exhibited in this exceptional place. Furthermore, this exceptional gallery also showcases artistic handcrafting.

gallery stephanie coutas - interior designer - signatures singulieres magazine
Firstly, the Mirror ” Minos ” in a bronze medal. Secondly, the bestseller “Mini Cambium table” is available in two finishes. In the first place in polished bronze top and burnt wood base. Or in bronze top and sawn wood base. At least, , “Ares” metal and textured white marble sideboard. All SC Edition.

Stéphanie Coutas unveils her first gallery

Famous worldwide for her luxurious interiors combining neoclassical and contemporary design styles, Stéphanie Coutas has an exceptional talent. In addition, in many of her residential projects the interior designer has designed unique pieces from artistic handcrafting. As a matter of fact, these creations have expanded her own line of furniture showcased today in her first gallery.

gallery stephanie coutas - interior designer - Joanna Pousette-Dart - signatures singulieres magazine
Firstly, Carved and brushed marble table ” Monaco ”. Then, Kensington bench in nubuck and metal – SC Edition. On the wall, painting by Joanna Pousette-Dart. Bronzes are design by Michel Rico.

Just a stone’s throw from the most prestigious auction houses but also in the heart of a district that is home to major leaders in luxury and art, Stéphanie Coutas has designed the space as a showcase. In fact, the gallery is clad in a solid oak Versailles parquet in a varnished cornice with metal inserts. Thereby, the choice of materials and finishes plays an important role in creating spectacular interiors.

A collection that highlights outstanding know-how and noble materials

Along with pieces imagined by the interior designer and made-to-measure by brands such as Tai Ping, or Baccarat for his construction sites, Stéphanie Coutas unveils her first collection of furniture and luminaires in marble and bronze. As a result, Unique pieces made by artsy craftsmen for passionate clientele.

gallery stephanie coutas - interior designer - art gallery in paris - signatures singulieres magazine
Admire here this Versailles parquet in solid oak with a cornice in gloss varnish and metal inserts.

In Stéphanie Coutas’ gallery, each element is meticulously chosen. Under the majestic Baccarat chandelier, the Olympia marble table stands out for its minimalist design. To the end, the bronze pin tray completes this ambiance. Then, in one of the showcases, the spectacular Maïa floor lamp creates a surprise in the same way as a sculpture by Giacometti. The gallery is, without a doubt, a true homage to French decorative arts.

gallery stephanie coutas - interior designer - art gallery in paris - baccarat chandelier - signatures singulieres magazine
Firstly, Baccarat chandelier. Secondly, Monaco” marble table. All SC Edition.

Where decoration meets art

From crafts to art, it’s only a step. That’s why Stéphanie Coutas magnifies her exceptional pieces by combining them with her favorite contemporary artworks. For example, in her gallery, the nubuck and metal Kensington bench stands next to Joanna Pousette-Dart’s masterful painting. On the other side, Michel Rico’s multi-patinated bronzes add a touch of soul to the Monaco table in sculpted and brushed marble. Thus, contemporary design is in the spotlight. For this reason, the gallery is an art space in the broadest sense. In fact, Stéphanie Coutas brings a unique, elegant and daring style to it.

gallery stephanie coutas - interior designer - art gallery in paris - signatures singulieres magazine
Above, the floor lamp in floated plaster by the artist Maïa.
gallery stephanie coutas - interior designer - art gallery in paris - signatures singulieres magazine
Above, the “Kensington” bench in nubuck and metal.
gallery stephanie coutas - interior designer - art gallery in paris - marble coffee table - signatures singulieres magazine
Here, details of the Olympia table.

Galerie Stéphanie Coutas
10, avenue Matignon
75008 Paris

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