The Pulsatil workshop
a new approach to lighting

Pulsatil workshop combines traditional know-how and modern technologies to design exceptional lighting fixtures made in France. Their quest is to perpetuate the art of craftsmanship while modernizing the technical approach to light. Atelier Pulsatil develops many custom-made lighting fixtures for unique projects but also for designer’s and architects’ collections. Their ambition is to make the experience of custom lighting simple and enjoyable. A singular approach approved by Signatures Singulières Magazine.

Above left: Christophe Negre and Maxence Paris, co-founders of Atelier Pulsatil – ©Atelier Pulsatil. Right: candle jar with brushed gold base and cast glass with striated reliefs. Design: Jouin Manku – ©Ed Reeves

atelier pulsatil - design lighting - jouin manku - signatures singulieres magazine
Floor lamp with satin gilding and sandblasted glass shade. Design Jouin Manku – ©Ed Reeves

The keys to a custom contemporary art light

Design by definition combines practicality with aesthetics. The same is true for contemporary lighting. The Atelier Pulsatil has understood the definition of a perfectly realized light fixture provided that the technique is discreet. This is the desire of its founders, namely a successful aesthetic that overshadows the technicality of the object. The two engineers offer technological mastery combined with French craftsmanship. Atelier Pulsatil’s cutting-edge technology and the craftsman’s gesture are thus placed at the service of the designer’s creativity. The Atelier Pulsatil has created many custom and collection lighting fixtures for interior architects and designers: Pierre Yovanovitch, Eric Schmitt, Jouin Manku, Pierre Yves Rochon, Affine Design, Stéphanie Coutas, CSLB Studio… References that also testify to the requirement and the challenge was taken up.

atelier pulsatil - pierre yves rochon - voyons voir lighting - signatures singulieres magazine
On the left: suspension and aerial wall lamp with geometric contours in metal bronze.
Design: Voyons Voir Lighting – ©Atelier Pulsatil. Right: chandelier with a refined curve in a brushed bronze medal. Design : Pierre Yves Rochon – ©Atelier Pulsatil

The pulse of artisanal and technical talents with unparalleled know-how

Atelier Pulsatil offers a wide range of different materials and skills. These lighting designers collaborate daily with French artisanal workshops with the EPV label, a guarantee of excellence and exceptional know-how. The Saint-Just glassworks, for example, applies century-old know-how that enhances Pulsatil’s lighting fixtures. Among the Atelier’s partner artisans, there are also founders, bronze workers, locksmiths, marble workers, gilders… Their participation contributes to the French manufacture of refined lighting, the fruit of artisanal gestures. Enough to make the heart of Signatures Singulières Magazine beat.

atelier pulsatil - Pierre Yovanovitch - signatures singulieres magazine
Left: asymmetrical chandelier in lacquered steel, each side of which is made of Saint-Just glass. Design : Maxime Dangeac – ©Atelier Pulsatil. On the right: suspension in patinated bronze and frosted blown glass. Design : Pierre Yovanovitch – ©Jean-Pierre Vaillancourt
atelier pulsatil - Studio Eric Schmitt - signatures singulieres magazine
“Fingi” suspension made of bronze casting, black waxed patina, and blown glass. Designer Eric Schmitt – ©Studio Eric Schmitt

The challenge of a design and technical lighting

Atelier Pulsatil also brings its mastery of modern technologies, from the design to the assembly of its luminaries. The two founders, engineers, regularly use 3D printing, digital machining, or the development of dedicated electronic boards. The achievements of Atelier Pulsatil illustrate the range of possibilities offered by these creators of custom lighting. The experience and technicality of the workshop allow it to act as a real conductor in the assembly of elements from various crafts. Beyond the design and manufacture, each light represents a challenge, specific to the principle of custom-made. In fine, these exceptional lights illuminate a new approach to French know-how promoted by Signatures Singulières Magazine.

atelier pulsatil - wall lamp in bronze - signatures singulieres magazine
On the left: backlit wall lamp in light bronze and “Saint Laurent” marble. Design : Malherbe Paris – ©Atelier Pulsatil. Right: “Coud” table lamp in alabaster and “Calacatta Viola” marble. (Awarded “Contemporary Design” at the 2017 PAD). Design : Rowin Atelier – ©Galerie Alexandre Guillemain
atelier pulsatil - light for staircase - signatures singulieres magazine
Monumental chandelier of 27 meters in brushed brass and blown glass globes. Design : Malherbe Paris – ©Atelier Pulsatil
atelier pulsatil - stephanie coutas - signatures singulieres magazine
On the left: wall lamp with marine inspirations in bronze brass and gold leaf. Design : Affine Design – ©Atelier Pulsatil. Right: “Ellipse” art deco wall lamp in hammered bronze and mirror-polished brass. Design Stéphanie Coutas – ©SC Edition

Atelier Pulsatil
Tél. : +33 (0)9 72 59 43 01

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