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Serge Mouille Editions®,
present the ceiling light Tuyau

Serge Mouille, an exceptional artist, master in the art of light, displayed his production of Tuyau from 1952 to 1962. This year, Claude Delpinoux and Serge Mouille Editions, created in 1999 by Gin Mouille, decided to produce again 35 models. Streetlight, wall lamp, ceiling pendant and desk lamp are conceived in the respect of the original model with artisanal techniques, full of French savoir-faire. All of them are declined in black, Serge Mouille’s favorite color, and a few in white. After producing the wall lamps, ceiling pendants and light towers “Totem’’ and “Signal’’, Serge Mouille Editions® choose today to produce the ceiling lamp “Tuyau’’. It’s a design light, more confidential, which Signatures Singulières like to highlight.

Above: Galerie Steph Simon. Table and chairs, Jean Prouvé. Ceiling light Isamu Noguchi.

editions serge mouille - iconic lighting - signatures singulieres magazine
The ceiling light Tuyau fits perfectly in a country-style atmosphere. Editions Serge Mouille®.
©Isabelle de Bruyn

A vintage design

Produced again for the first time in 2020, the ceiling light Tuyau joins the collection of Serge Mouille Editions®. Born in 1955, it was initially created to light the legendary Galery Steph Simon, located on boulevard Saint Germain in Paris. During the 1950s, this gallery used to exhibit the biggest names in design such as Charlotte Perriand, Jean Prouvé, Isamu Noguchi and of course Serge Mouille. Yet reserved for the light in shops, this ceiling lamp articulated by a ball joint in brass does not lose our interest. It’s a success.

Gallery Steph Simon. Stool Charlotte Perriand. Street light “Simple” or Street light “Droit”,
Editions Serge Mouille®. Chairs Jean Prouvé.

The ceiling lamp Tuyau, a new unmissable work in the light design

Even if this model is with no doubt the less known of the black series of Serge Mouille Editions, It still deserves its place today! The ceiling light Tuyau has a cylinder of 10,5 cm in diameter, articulated and assembled on a bent arm which ends with a fixing bell in shape of trumpet. It has a light source built with a LED unit. The ceiling lamp Tuyau is perfect to light paintings or objects in a targeted manner.

editions serge mouille - iconic lighting - signatures singulieres magazine
Ceiling pendants “Tuyau”’ and “Bibliotheque”, perfect to light a painting. Editions Serge Mouille®.

Designed lights, often copied, never equalled

Whether they are conical or spherical lights or the Tuyau ceiling light, the design lights created by Serge Mouille are nowadays victims of counterfeiting. Their style is often copied at the expense of quality and the preservation of the French savoir-faire. The design lovers, like us at Signature Singulières, will make sure of the products authenticity.

Editions Serge Mouille®. ©Isabelle de Bruyn

First, zoom in on the bent arm

Oblong-shaped, the bent arm must always be in brass. While the original models were equipped with a small grub screw, today’s reissues are glued. A bias made to avoid any confusion with the originals. Another significant thing is that every model has its own reflector. For example, the three arms floor lamps will not have the same reflector (called “chapeau’’) than the wall lamp with 5 or 7 arms (called “casquette’’). The bent arm in brass brings something bright and sophisticated to the ceiling lamp Tuyau.

editions serge mouille - iconic lighting - signatures singulieres magazine
Ceiling pendant Tuyau. Editions Serge Mouille®.

The serial number is primordial

It is written inside the reflector on the leg which supports the lamp socket or on a plate of the lamp. It has to start with “ESM’’ and must be completed by a certificate of authenticity. This will make you recognize a counterfeit immediately!

Editions Serge Mouille®.

List of outlets available on the website:  www.serge-mouille.com

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