Rémy Garnier
opens the doors to modernity

The bronze and art locksmith Rémy Garnier presents an exceptional piece by the wealth of its motifs and its contemporaneity. The Vanity lock offers a striking look at the world of art locksmith metalwork that has not left Signatures Singulières Magazine unmoved.

remy garnier - vanity lock - signatures singulieres magazine
Monumental decorative lock “Vanity”. Dim: 120 x 60 cm – 80 kg. Rémy Garnier.

Remy Garnier offers us an exhilarating journey through history

Guess the link between the locksmithing of the Parisian City Hall, the paintings of the Renaissance, and the biker’s culture! Suggested by Rémy Garnier, this riddle illustrates, in reality, a contemporary new aspect of locksmithing art. The French company introduces the spectacular Vanity lock. The latter reflects all aspects of the bronze and locksmith know-how, from foundry to chasing. Rémy Garnier was already at the origin of the locksmithing of the Paris City Hall after its fire in 1871. Since then, the factory has always designed unusual espagnolette locks and locks. The art locksmith has chosen to cross the times by retracing the biker’s culture through the symbolic motifs of the Vanities. These compositions, which have marked the history of art, were intended to illustrate human fragility. In the end, a contemporary and unique art lock!

Above and below: repeating lock of the City Hall of Paris (1871).

A handcrafted and contemporary vanité, designed by Rémy Garnier

Rémy Garnier conceived the Vanité lock-in collaboration with 2Saints, a brand of accessories for men, in the Biker world. The Vanité motifs use the symbolism of bikers to create a proper composition in the spirit of the Vanities. The bones evoke the inescapable death while the faded vegetation reminds of the ephemeral youth. Especially, the temporality is expressed by the dials and gears in a truly contemporary way. This diversity of motifs also illustrates the know-how of the House of Rémy Garnier. The Vanité lock is the result of more than 150 hours of work. Therein, we note among others 50 hours of chiseling and 30 hours devoted to the locksmithing. Vanité is much more than an art lock, it is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship.

Decorative lock “Vanité”. 150 years later, the Manufacture Rémy Garnier recreates an exceptional lock.

Rémy Garnier, the modernity of a centenarian.

The Vanité lock is definitely the result of handcrafted production, but its first step of conception is also resolutely placed in the contemporary period. The original design and modeling of the Vanité lock, in collaboration with the company Solyfonte, began with the use of CAD software and a 3D printer to generate the master model. Founded in 1832, Rémy Garnier has always carefully preserved its artisanal know-how. It’s now certified as a Living Heritage Company. Its mastery of the entire production chain has also been enriched by new digital tools. The bronze maker and art locksmith can manufacture tailored accessories. With one foot in history and the other in the future, Rémy Garnier presents outstanding pieces that are as contemporary as they are unique. It’s as much to say that the trademark of the company Rémy Garnier and its vision, have deeply seduced Signatures Singulières Magazine.

Decorative lock “Vanité” in a more contemporary design, from the ”Biker” tattoo.
remy garnier - vanity lock - signatures singulieres magazine
“Vanité” lock, a collaboration with 2Saints and Solyfonte. Rémy Garnier.

Rémy Garnier
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