Gauthier & Cie:
curtain rods and blinds
made in France

French manufacturer of high-quality, custom-made curtain rods, blinds, and mechanisms, Gauthier & Cie stands out with its excellent craftsmanship combining tradition and technology. Their expertise has been recognized by Signatures Singulières Magazine. In 1888, Georges Gauthier founded his decoration and apartment hardware company in the heart of Faubourg Saint-Antoine in Paris. Over the generations, the Gauthier family succeeded him, and the company became Gauthier Frères, then Gauthier & Cie. Since 2015, Aurore Lebon has been leading the company with a clear and ambitious vision: to make Gauthier & Cie a leading artisanal player in the high-end decoration market. And they have succeeded.

Above: Aurore Lebon, CEO of Gauthier & Cie.

signatures singulieres magazine - custom curtain rod
Curved rod, black epoxy finish. Made by Atelier du Passage.

Gauthier & Cie, excellent craftsmanship and ultra-customization

Like their decorator and upholsterer clients, Gauthier & Cie must demonstrate a high level of excellence. In fact, since 2017, the SME has been awarded the EPV label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), which distinguishes French companies with exceptional artisanal know-how.

Gauthier & Cie possesses rare metalworking skills such as bending, curving tubes, and rails, as well as grooving brass tubes. Their technical expertise is perfectly mastered and combined with ultra-customization. Each blind and curtain rod is unique. From the simplest to the most sophisticated product, the end customer – be it an architect, decorator, or upholsterer – can determine all the parameters: diameter, length, shape, accessories, operating system, and decoration. All configurations are possible, even the most complex ones! And the company is not afraid to innovate by combining its craftsmanship with technology. Therefore, the rods, blinds, and rails can be connected to home automation systems and controlled remotely.

contemporary curtain rod
Custom-made hand-drawn curved rods following the curve of the wall, matte black epoxy finish. Made by Atelier du Passage.

A wide range of 100% customizable rods, rails, and blinds

While browsing the Gauthier & Cie catalog, you will certainly not lack inspiration. At Signatures Singulières Magazine, we have enthusiastically discovered the various rods, accessories, and finishes available. In total, the Gauthier & Cie catalog offers no less than 7 types or major families of rods. They also offer over 20 models of rails and Japanese partitions, as well as all types of blinds: Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, roller blinds.

When it comes to finishes, the company exclusively offers decorations known for their quality and durability: epoxy paint, varnished aged brass, bronze medal, gunmetal, gilding, leather wrapping, etc. As for accessories, they have everything, from the smallest – fittings, covers – to the most technical. And in terms of design, customers can choose from very contemporary options, opt for the elegance of simplicity, or prefer pieces from the Louis XV to Art Deco styles. End caps, rosettes, scrollwork… These premium solid brass pieces, emblematic of “French luxury,” are at the heart of the company’s history. Over a thousand “father models” (original pieces used for making foundry molds) created between 1888 and the 1930s are reissued upon request.

Misia fabric - Atelier Delapartdefred - french upholsterer
Double hand-drawn rod on pointed brackets, Louis XVI Pinecone and cabochon finials, solid brass rings with silencers. Satin-finished clear bronze electrolytic decoration. Made by Atelier Delapartdefred. Misia fabric.
artisan's gesture - signatures singulieres magazine
Gauthier & Cie catalog from 1908.
pierre bonnefille - custom-made boat blinds
Elysée Palace, President’s waiting room. Chain-operated Roman blinds with special supports adapted to unique fabrics over 5 meters high, created by artist Pierre Bonnefille. Identical blinds were also installed in the usher’s room. ©Isabelle Bideau

The Alliance of French Know-how: innovating and perpetuating

To develop innovative products, Gauthier & Cie collaborates with other leading French artisan houses. This includes traditional foundry, electrolytic decorations, and leather wrapping, which they have developed exclusively with Maison Fey, a Parisian leatherworker since 1910, and Ateliers d’Excellence.

These complementary excellent craftsmanship skills elevate Gauthier & Cie’s creations to the forefront of decorative window and apartment hardware artisanal art. That’s why Gauthier & Cie products can be found in numerous prestigious projects and public places such as the Louvre, Le Meurice, the Royal El Mansour Marrakech, and even the Élysée Palace. Their remarkable work reintroduces us to high-end hardware.

hôtel la Réserve Eden at lake Zurich
Left: curved basket-handle rail with ball-and-socket lorgnon support. Light medal bronze finish. Exceptional hand-sewn natural leather curtain by Maison Fey. Project for the Réserve Eden hotel in Lake Zurich Right: the roller rail is exclusive to Gauthier & Cie. It combines the practicality of a rail with the aesthetics of a real decorative rod. Shown here with an electrolytic copper finish, capped with a cabochon tip. Tapissier Jouffre Ateliers Créatifs: wave head curtains lined with sateen. Studio Eric Saillet
emmanuel macron's office ;
Office of the President of the Republic 2022. Under the supervision and in collaboration with Mobilier National: rods with integrated rail. Supports specifically designed to preserve the integrity of the woodwork. Satin gilding finish with mercury nitrate.
Louis XVI-style curtain rod - signatures singulieres magazine
Left: patinated and varnished fluted rod with Louis XVI Pinecone finial, Empire palmette, beaded rosette, and ring with bands. Created for a Parisian hotel. Made by Clémentine Messié. ©Franck Schmitt. Right: Gauthier & Cie offers a selection of 26 electrolytic colors and also creates custom decorations based on samples. “Facets” finials and “Louis XVI GM” rosettes.
built-in motorized curtain track - duplex loft in paris
Motorized built-in rail.
french magazine de decoration
Left: motorized roller blinds. Right: motorized wooden Venetian blinds. Residential projects in Paris.
gauthier & cie - french curtain rod manufacturer
Gauthier & Cie Workshop. Top left: ©Frédéric Stucin

Gauthier & Cie
1 rue Saint-Benoit
75006 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 55 78 25 10

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