Rémy Garnier
a heritage of artistic locksmithing

Famous for its ancestral know-how, Rémy Garnier continues to instill inspiration through its unique creations. From aesthetic to contemporary handles, from chiseled luminaires to modern decorative grilles, the company evolved without ceasing to preserve the beauty and technique of artistic locksmithing and bronze work. Today, Signatures Singulières features a company that still brings together many French talents.

Above : “Petit Trianon III” gilded bronze sconce in the 18th century style. Bronze cremone bolts. Rémy Garnier.

remy garnier - Bronze cremone bolts - signatures singulieres magazine
Bronze cremone bolts – Rémy Garnier.

The history of Rémy Garnier

Founded in 1832 by Rémy Garnier, then managed by his son Louis from 1880 to 1911, the workshop became a reference in artistic locksmithing. On the one hand, Rémy Garnier, a great technician and inventor, filed various patents on the enhancement of cremone bolts. On the other hand, Louis Garnier who propelled the company through developing his father’s work. From 1870 to 1914, the Rémy Garnier company expanded throughout western Paris and adorned all apartments with cast iron espagnolettes. Rémy Garnier also equipped the City Hall of Paris ; rebuilt after the Commune fire in 1871. Furthermore, in 1874, two brothers Brun-Cottan bought the House of Rémy Garnier. A new ownership that allowed the company to rise and create its greatest collections. At the end of the 20th century, after various owners, the Rémy Garnier House stayed true to its bronze work and introduced diversity with luminaires and decorative bronzes.

remy garnier - bronze espagnolettes and cremone bolts - signatures singulieres magazine
Bronze lever handle on plate, bronze espagnolettes and cremone bolts.

A singular know-how

Maison Rémy Garnier owes its reputation to a varied selection of espagnolettes, locks, lever handles, knobs and other useful accessories for closing doors and windows. Today, the company distinguishes itself by two product lines. On the one hand, we find – under the name of “Prestige” – stylish or modern products in chiseled bronze. A range that reflects truly an art of living. In fact, this art transforms an ordinary object into a unique work of art. On the other hand, the “Premium” range with products, in bronze or brass, not chiseled but die-cast. A collection that makes art locksmithing accessible to all and completes the unique creations of Rémy Garnier. But it is also a collection that highlights lighting fixtures in both ranges! The Rémy Garnier catalog holds more than 8000 references! In addition to these two product lines, the company is also active in restoration for individuals and historical monuments.

remy garnier - Bronze espagnolettes - door knobs - signatures singulieres magazine
On the left: various models of espagnolettes. On the right: door knobs. Rémy Garnier.

Tailoring, the DNA of Rémy Garnier

Foundry, mounting, turning, chiseling, polishing, finishing, machining, locksmithing, restoration, Rémy Garnier’s know-how has been indeed proven. Moreover, outside the ambit of its own models, the company relies on its internal know-how French talents, to create ex nihilo and to answer particular requests. A door hammer in the shape of a pineapple, a crutch carved like a mermaid, a 4-meter high chandelier… Therefore, the only limit to creation is imagination. Unique tailor-made pieces that have seduced the greatest.

remy garnier - Bronze espagnolettes - door knobs - signatures singulieres magazine
Gilded bronze lock.
remy garnier - chandelier in bronze - signatures singulieres magazine
‘Grand Griffon’ chandelier in bronze. This majestic piece, 4 meters height and 2 meters width, is a Rémy Garnier customer creation.
remy garnier - chandelier in bronze - signatures singulieres magazine
Details of the chiseling work done on the chandelier “Grand Griffon”.
remy garnier - chandelier in bronze - signatures singulieres magazine
Bronze chandelier.

Prestigious places adorned by Rémy Garnier

Known for its know-how and the quality of its products, Rémy Garnier has furnished the most beautiful addresses. From the Palace of Versailles to Notre-Dame de Paris, including Le Meurice, the Ritz, the Bristol, Maison Villeroy or royal palaces such as a Moroccan royal palace or the Grand Ducal Palace in Luxembourg ; the Rémy Garnier signature is everywhere. A know-how that is highly praised by Signatures Singulières Magazine.

remy garnier - Maison Villeroy in Paris hotel - signatures singulieres magazine
Rémy Garnier is one of the French brands to have collaborated for Maison Villeroy in Paris.
Top left: Boris Dmitriev’s office in Moscow. On the right: Monsieur George hotel. Above left: Maison Souquet. On the right: Maison Villeroy.
Decorative bronze in a bathroom of the Negresco hotel in Nice.

Rémy Garnier Workshops

All these creations are made in Paris, in the original workshop founded by Rémy Garnier himself. In fact, this space, located in the heart of the Bastille district, is filled with history. It brings together every know-how required to manufacture these exceptional pieces. Fitters, turners, polishers, locksmiths practice their skills to create together and preserve tradition. While the chiselers hand carve each element, the fitters, a little further on, assemble the pieces of a chandelier, a sconce or a lantern. Thereafter, it is time for the finishing touches – if necessary – by a subtle application of pigments for a matt gilding result. In addition to Paris, Rémy Garnier has another production site near Tours in Chateau-Renault. Beyond mounting, chasing and polishing, this workshop includes casting and surface treatment. It also utilizes modern techniques such as digital machining and 3D printing. A local production at the service of this unique French know-how.

remy garnier workshops - signatures singulieres magazine

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Rémy Garnier
30 bis, boulevard de la Bastille
75012 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 43 43 84 85

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