Atelier de Ricou
the art of wall decorations

Specialized in the restoration and creation of mural decors, Atelier de Ricou perpetuates the beauty of Historic Monuments and the art of creating painted decors. A know-how that Signatures Singulières Magazine wishes to highlight.

Above: Cyril and Stéphanie de Ricou. Right: bases and capitals of the pilasters of the Ballroom of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York.

atelier de ricou - wall decorations - signatures singulieres
Constitutional Council, Office of the President. Restoration of gypsum decorations.

Born in 1989, l’Atelier de Ricou creates custom-made luxurious decors. Cyril and Stéphanie de Ricou founded the workshop when they met. With their two distinct skills, the magic happens. On the one hand, the creation of painted decors, on the other hand, the restoration of paintings and sculptures for Historical Monuments. At the dawn of their careers, the two founders benefited from the teaching of personalities from the art world. Michel Bourbon and M-L de C, art restorers, and Lila de Nobili, theater decorator. As true mentors, they offered Cyril and Stéphanie a valuable background. Today, the two aesthetes continue to enrich their experience over the years and pass it on in turn. With their workshop, they lead a team of several dozen decorating specialists. Together, they work towards a common goal: to awaken the spirit of prestigious places.

atelier de ricou - wall decorations - signatures singulieres
On the left: decor on canvas, like a milky way, for a stairway. Right: treatment of all the walls and ceilings of a New York apartment in a degraded raw material.

A workshop with many talents

It is in Courbevoie, in the heart of the Hotel de Guines, classified as a historical monument, that the Atelier de Ricou works and draws its inspiration. In this former residence and workshop of the sculptor and ornamentalist Jean-Baptiste Boiston, painters, sculptors, restorers, gilders and architectural historians work in symbiosis. With their in-depth knowledge, they work on the preservation and perpetuation of mural decorations. To their credit, no less than three hundred projects have been completed, testifying the variety of techniques, styles and materials used. The Atelier has undertaken renovation works for the Palace of Versailles, Hotel Lutetia, Hotel le Crillon and Hotel de la Marine, and they also worked on the creation of modern decors for penthouses, villas, duplexes and headquarters in Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles and Switzerland.

atelier de ricou - wall decor on woodwork - signatures singulieres
Ephemeral wall decoration on woodwork in the Quintessence showroom in Paris.
atelier de ricou - wall decor on woodwork - signatures singulieres
Above left: restoration of the large lounge of the Hotel de Guines. On the right: Th Cultural services of the French Embassy in New York. Gilding of the ballroom.

Painted decors and international historical monuments

Atelier de Ricou’s know-how is put to the fore and shines throughout their projects worldwide. Moreover, the Atelier is also present in New York, within the collective and showroom “Par Excellence”.  Created by Charles Jouffre, this collective represents French know-how across the Atlantic. In addition, Atelier de Ricou is supported by a design office that seeks to develop customized plastic solutions, specific to each project. They also have a unit dedicated to the analysis of ancient decors in order to establish precise diagnoses. Each project is unique! As for the so-called “technical” know-how, specialists of all kinds work hand in hand. Fresco, molding, patinas, material effects, trompe l’oeil, gilding, French lacquer, skin glue painting, stucco, marble… They know how to do it all. The team is furthermore reinforced by specialized restorers with the “Musées de France” accreditation. Thus, the workshop can intervene on sites classified as Historic Monuments.

atelier de ricou - wall decor on woodwork - versailles - signatures singulieres
Restoration of the Queen’s Guard Room at Versailles.
atelier de ricou - wall decorations - signatures singulieres
Upstairs: Hotel de Crillon, lounge of the Duke of Crillon. Above: restoration of Adrien Karbowsky’s paintings in the Borghese salon which became the Josephine Bar at the Lutetia hotel.

Atelier de Ricou’s workshop: from painting restoration to pure creation

The supports and techniques mastered by Atelier de Ricou are numerous. From the restoration to the creation of painted decorations, their range of techniques is wide. Thus, the workshop can be in charge of the most complex projects. They can take care of large-scale building sites’ restoration, mural painting, painting on canvas, whitewash, gilding, polychrome or gilded woodwork, gypsum, cardboard … The supports and techniques mastered by the talents of the Atelier de Ricou have no limits. They also create a lot of decors. This specialty can lead to the creation and restitution of decors in historical settings. To do so, the workshop uses specific techniques (including rare and disappeared ones). But it can also include the creation of fully custom-made contemporary sets. Atelier de Ricou has no limits and distinguishes itself in the path of excellence. A work hailed by Signatures Singulières Magazine.

atelier de ricou - wall decor on woodwork - signatures singulieres
Château du Grand Lucé. Decorator, Timothy Corrigan.
atelier de ricou - wall decor on woodwork - signatures singulieres
Restoration of old woodwork. Ricou’s workshop.
atelier de ricou - wall decor on woodwork - signatures singulieres
Samples from Ricou’s workshop.

Atelier de Ricou
51, rue de Visien
92400 Courbevoie
Tél. : +33 (0)1 46 91 07 55

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