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“La Pierre”

Founded by two engineers with a passion for light, Atelier Pulsatil is part of a new approach to art and publishing lighting. Combining cutting-edge technologies with art craftsmanship, Christophe Negre and Maxence Paris faithfully translate the creative desires of the architects and designers with whom they collaborate. The result? Unique lighting fixtures as real decorative objects, whose pure aesthetics overshadow their technicality. This season, Christophe and Maxence present their “La Pierre” collection of lighting fixtures: wall lamps, chandeliers, pendant lamps, spotlights, and candle holders made of marble and metal. And always made in France!

Above: “Khara” wall lamp in alabaster and shiny nickel.

marble wall lamp - signatures singulieres magazine
Wall lamp “Adara” in Breccia Verde marble and shiny nickel.
design reading light
Dana” reading light in Calacatta marble and brushed silver finish.

Hello Christophe, hello Maxence! How did you come up with the idea for this collection of lighting fixtures?

This idea came to us naturally, as an extension of our experience in custom-made products. We feel like sharing a certain aesthetic that is dear to us by proposing our own lines and designs. These luminous decorative objects, designed by us, are a showcase for the quality of French craftsmanship. We wanted to highlight their work with this collection. Although we are technical engineers, we have a particular interest in the cover of the objects independently of the function that they propose. We aim to make the useful beautiful. Usually, we bring designers’ designs to life, with these models we wanted to bring our own to life.

hanging lamp - signatures singulieres magazine
Above and below: “Sirah” hanging lamp in Black Basalt and Brilliant gilding.
hanging lamp - signatures singulieres magazine

How is this collection of lighting fixtures faithful to the values of the Atelier Pulsatil?

It is in many ways!
The essence of Atelier Pulsatil is to make the experience of custom-made lighting simple and enjoyable. With this collection, we want to extend this pleasure by giving the architect the possibility to bring his own style. The DNA of our custom work is omnipresent in this collection.

We also continue to bring together different prestigious know-how on our models. The soul of this collection comes from the combination of metal and stone. We wanted to highlight the beauty of marble and the talent of the men who shape it, as well as the precision of the metal work and the nobility of its many decorations.

Finally, this collection is the result of many hours spent talking with them in their workshops. It is a pleasure to pay tribute to these crafts, witnesses of the French excellence.

pulsatil - design spotlight
Above and below: “Mira” spotlight in black Marquina marble and gold leaf.
signatures singulieres - design spotlight
signatures singulieres magazine - french art craftsman
Auva” spotlight in Calacatta marble and brushed gold finish.

What can be found in the “La Pierre” collection?

The “La Pierre” collection includes 10 models of wall lamps, hanging lamps, spotlights, chandeliers, and candle holders. For each model, it is possible to choose its stone from 12 marbles with various colors and veins, and its metal from 18 different textures and shades. This collection is meant to be adjustable and flexible. Maintaining a wide choice of decorative finishes for each piece was a key decision. With “La Pierre”, we want to give architects the possibility to personalize our models so that they integrate the aesthetic universe of their projects. The numerous potential combinations give a singular identity to each piece that emerges from our workshop!

signatures singulieres magazine - design chandelier
Naos” chandelier in alabaster and bright nickel.
pulsatil - signatures singulieres magazine - design chandelier
Above and below: “Merope” chandelier in green marble of the Alps, alabaster, and shiny brass.
interior design - pulsatil

What’s next at Atelier Pulsatil?

With this collection, we were eager to promote metal decoration and marble work. We are conquered by the nobility of these materials that fit into all interiors, whatever their style. In the future, we would like to invite other natural materials such as blown glass into our universe. Admiring the manual know-how of excellence, we would also like to make discover the work of the founders, particularly the subtle nuances of their patinas. See you in a few months!

pulsatil - signatures singulieres magazine - french art craftsman
Photophore “Juza” in alabaster and shiny gilding.
signatures singulieres - design photophore
Photophore “Izar” in alabaster and shiny nickel.

Atelier Pulsatil
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