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at the Salon Révélations

Cabinetmaker and furniture designer, Atelier Marcu has designed “Tilia”, a new collection, which will be unveiled at the upcoming Salon Révélations. Designed under the theme of the journey of dreams and hope, “Tilia” brings together the rare know-how of Atelier Marcu and presents cigar cases and a jewelry box with delicate mechanisms as well as “Mabelé”, a mysterious sculpture with African overtones.

Above: Benoît Marcu presents one of his creations: the sculpture “Mabelé”

art cabinetmaker
Sculpture “Mabelé”. The materials used are burned Douglas fir, Laos ebony, satinwood, moiré lemon, pineapple leather, and for the base bronze and porcelain. Design: Benoît Marcu.

Atelier Marcu, a haven of peace and creation

Located at the gates of Paris, the Atelier Marcu has been restoring antique furniture for 30 years. It is also in this space that, with his team, he creates singular furniture and objects, products of his imagination. In some cases, furniture or boxes with a system or secret combination. At Atelier Marcu, remarkable skills are put to use in restoration and creation. Furthermore, marquetry, sculpture, precious materials, antique copies, varnishing, etc…, are practiced here. Benoît Marcu’s role as cabinetmaker and restorer places him at the center of the art trades. Moreover, it gives him a central position as a master which leads him to work with the best lacquerers, gilders… The Atelier Marcu benefits from the prestigious label EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) which distinguishes the greatest French know-how.

salon revelations 2022
Benoît Marcu in his workshop finished the last touches of his sculpture “Mabelé”.
atelier marcu - Ateliers d'Art de France
For 30 years, the Atelier Marcu has been offering its unique know-how to preserve French heritage.
The Atelier is now a member of the Ateliers d’Art de France.

Benoît Marcu, reveals a collection under the sign of travel

In love with trees and forests, Benoît Marcu, passionate about cabinet making and its variants, carries out all the stages of creation. His original works go through drawing, modeling, and realization. For the “Tillia” collection, all in roundness, he draws from the forests different types of wood. And, he combines a diversity of rare skills such as marquetry, locksmithing, and cabinet making. To implement the delicate mechanisms of his collection, Benoît Marcu uses a stunning variety of materials. Also, he uses materials such as parchment, lemon, cedar, birch, or red oak for his three cigar cases with different shades. Or the bird’s-eye maple, blond mahogany, and lemon tree for the delicate “Eclipse” jewelry box. In addition, the opening mechanisms of the cases and the box are discreetly hidden behind the Atelier’s logo.

luxury jewelry box
Above and below: “Eclipse” jewelry box. Made of birdseye maple for the exterior with a natural varnish. Inside, blond and lemon mahogany and blue moiré satin fabric. The interior sculptures are in polished golden pewter. Design: Benoît Marcu.
jewelry box

“Mabelé”, is a sculptural work presented at Salon Révélations.

The main piece of the collection, “Mabelé” was conceived as an ecological manifesto. Focusing on the protection of nature and deforestation, it symbolizes the strength and fragility of the earth. Benoît Marcu has created a work of art, an ode to nature, a bearer of hope and without functionality. The wood veins that run across the front and back of the central shelf give free rein to all interpretations. As a warning, burnt wood frames the tray’s decorative motifs. The base is made of bronze men with fragile porcelain feet. Together, they hold hands and move forward into the future. A discreet mechanism transforms the sculpture into a small desk. It is covered with cracked pineapple leather, with glowing strands evoking global warming. The interior marquetry illustrates the metaphor of an echo chamber and invites the discovery of other secrets.

atelier marcu - salon revelations 2022
“Mabelé”, one of the masterpieces presented at Salon Révélations. Design : Benoît Marcu.

A custom made humidor

Atelier Marcu will also exhibit at at the Salon Révélations in Paris the cigar cabinet of the Palomina collection. It was made in rosewood with a hidden opening system. The mechanism is dissimulated behind the two metal bracelets that must be moved to open it. Inside the cellar, Lebanese cedar racks have been assembled in handmade dovetails.

cigar cellar
Above and below: “Palomina” console serving as a cigar and alcohol cellar, veneered with a veined wood. Concealed opening mechanisms. Interior inlaid with stained horn. Design : Benoît Marcu. ©Damien Vernet
french art cabinetmaker
luxury cigar box
Travel cigar cases from the “Tilia” collection. The three cases are proposed with a cigar cutter and a lighter of the House Dupont. Covered with parchment and green moiré lemon tree on the edge, the interior is in or data cedar and can receive cigars and cigarillos. Dimensions : 24 x 19 x 4,5 cm. Design : Benoît Marcu.
©Eric Doublet.
cigar box
Numbered cigar box in exotic wood. ©Damien Vernet

©Cécile Mathieu

Atelier Marcu
6 rue Léon Carémé
93200 saint-Denis
Tél. : +33 (0)1 40 11 15 23

Salon Révélations
du 9 au 12 juin 2022
Grand Palais Ephémère
Stand H 9 I 13

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