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As a decorator and stylist, Seraphyn’ designs furniture and objects that reflect the tropical way of life. Spearheading a colorful and elegant Caribbean creative movement, the young woman explores the art of tropical living. With a declared ambition: to unveil this undiscovered treasure! Drawing from a dual culture, Seraphyn’ finds inspiration in Caribbean and Vietnamese heritage. A blend of influences infuses her first collection of exotic furniture with a rare singularity! Eager to discover the person behind these exceptional pieces, Signatures Singulières Magazine set out to meet her. It was at her home in Saint Barthélemy, in her colonial-inspired house, that we had the chance to discover her. Serving as both a creative center, a source of inspiration, a workshop, and a life-sized catalog of her work, this place nestled in lush vegetation is the privileged witness to the essence of Tropic Design…

Above: Seraphyn’. Guéridon “Mangrove”.

Polished Bronze Side Table
“Mangrove” Side Table in polished bronze on its inner face and textured on its outer face. Outer finish polished and sandblasted. Dimensions: Ø 42 cm x 60 cm height. Unique numbered and signed piece.

A stylist’s dream

As far back as her memories go, Seraphyn’ has held a pencil. Passionate about drawing, she dreams of inventing her own style. But it will take several trips to the islands to outline her first collection. A range of furniture inspired by tropical living and colonial style! A product of blending, Seraphyn’ reinterprets all the richness of her cultural and refined heritages. Drawing a connection between her heritage and aesthetics, her furniture pieces are a testament to a desire for transmission. A skillful way of sharing her passion for the Caribbean through memory-creating objects! Starting with her Signature Rocking Chair… An emblematic piece of Caribbean homes, this seat finds a second life in Seraphyn’s hands. A true calligraphy stroke, its black ribbon combines the masculinity of hollow carbon with decidedly feminine curves. The Signature rocking chair is designed using a manufacturing process protected by two French patents. One dreams of lounging in it…

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“Mangrove” Side Table in polished bronze on its inner face and textured on the outside. Black lacquered finish. Dimensions: Ø 42 cm x 60 cm height. Unique numbered and signed piece.
Design Rocking Chair
“Signature” Rocking Chair crafted from monobloc hollow carbon using a patented French manufacturing process.

Spreading the tropical way of life

Bathed in the sweetness of life, the Caribbean vibe is felt even in the hearts of those who live there. A faithful reflection of emotion and personality, Seraphyn’s collection of exotic furniture invites the tropical way of life into all interiors seeking something different. Exotic woods, cane, weaving, lush vegetation, beaches, and underwater scenes: nothing is too beautiful when it comes to dressing living spaces! In this regard, the Mangrove side tables perfectly illustrate Seraphyn’s mastery. With their organic and asymmetrical shape reminiscent of root-like vegetation, they pay homage to the beauty nature has to offer. One is captivated by the subtle blend of golden bronze, polished on the inner face and textured on the outer face. A mimicry of all the mysteries surrounding these impenetrable forests…

Exotic Wood Stele - Seraphyn' Design
Stelae “Cordia” “Mara” “Salva”. Crafted from precious exotic woods sourced from French tropical forests, their spiraled form evokes movement with ribbon and volute effects.

Simple and elegant design

In the style of Philippe Starck or Onur Ozkaya, Seraphyn’ follows a minimalist approach. It highlights clean lines down to their simplest essence. Contrary to traditional construction schemes, the stylist brings to life the free curves of nature. Fluid lines that come alive through the flexibility and vigor of her dynamic ink strokes! In this simplicity pushed to its extreme, the young woman manages to express movement, lightness, and femininity all at once. The result? Genuine collection pieces with free and graceful curves that directly touch the sensibility of those who approach them!

Design Birch Wood Chair
The “Gracile” chair in birch wood perfectly illustrates Seraphyn’s quest for fluidity, sobriety, and femininity. An organic shape, whose ergonomic curves provide real comfort.

Nature as a source of inspiration

It is no coincidence that one of the essential pieces in this collection is named “Gracile.” Behind this gentle name hides a birch wood chair. A unique piece that perfectly illustrates Seraphyn’s quest for fluidity, sobriety, and femininity! Another moving piece, the trio of “Cordia,” “Mara,” and “Salva” steles, surprises with its spiraled forms that reproduce ribbon effects and the grain of precious and exotic wood essences. Furniture that could not leave anyone indifferent…

Designer Furniture
“Gracile” Chair in Birch. Seraphyn’ Design.

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