Frédérique and Rob Whittle Wall decor

Hidden on a street in Montreuil behind a discreet door, an incredible workshop – where their diverse universes cohabit – is home to artist-sculptors Frédérique and Rob Whittle. For the past 10 years, they have been imagining, together, large sculpted panels, playful and poetic, designed and created in the great tradition of decorative arts. They propose a personal line of wall panels and create custom-made wall sculptures. The Signatures Singulières Magazine has discovered for you their latest fabulous creations for Lanvin, the Demeure Montaigne, the Seabourn cruise ship, and a private apartment.

Above: Frédérique and Rob Whittle – Lanvin boutique

frédérique Whittle - signatures Singulieres magazine
Pre-assembly at Frédérique and Rob Whittle’s studio of the first 3 panels for the stairwell of the Lanvin Paris boutique.

An elliptical staircase for the Lanvin boutique in Paris

The architect of Lanvin, Molica Kheng, entrusted them with the creation of the stairwell of the Lanvin boutique. They had to take inspiration from the style of Jeanne Lanvin’s decorator, Armand Albert Rateau, and reinvent a new work. Frédérique and Rob Whittle adapted a low-relief of Jeanne Lanvin’s bathroom on display at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. Thus began a real creative process for them, with a drawn composition, followed by the production of plaster samples.

Frédérique and Rob Whitlle have created a world where fauna and flora blend in relief on a textured background. Furthermore, their poetic creations, presented to Lanvin’s artistic director, Bruno Sialelli, lead to a sumptuous final product. The stairwell is an ellipse, which adds a technical challenge as well as an artistic one. Thus, to create nine 3-meter high curved panels, the sculptors invented a flexible mold… Before pouring the final plaster. The creations of the sculptors are now displayed on a large screen in the Lanvin boutique in Seoul and will be displayed in other boutiques around the world, perhaps as a tribute to the great couturier Jeanne Lanvin.

frédérique Whittle - signatures Singulieres magazine
Staircase of the Lanvin Paris boutique. On the right : “the tree with birds”.
frédérique Whittle - signatures Singulieres magazine
Beginning of the bas-relief for the Lanvin boutique in Paris: clay modeling.

Unique headboards for the Demeure Montaigne

Signatures Singulières Magazine discovered the headboards imagined, designed, and sculpted especially for this 5 star residence. Each one of the 93 rooms at Demeure Montaigne has a headboard, created in the most traditional way. But also in the innovation of their know-how. Because their design adapts to the different ceiling heights of the rooms. In addition, they used acrylic plaster instead of traditional plaster. Frédérique and Rob Whittle were able to create, in complete freedom, starting with charcoal drawings of birds in a Japanese spirit. Their headboards echo the printed fabrics of the curtains in a soft and luxurious atmosphere.

Sculpted headboard - signatures singulieres magazine
Sculpted headboard “Birds”. A creation for the hotel La Demeure Montaigne in Paris.
bas relief in plaster - signatures singulieres magazine
Bas-relief “Herbes Folles” in plaster. Restaurant l’Envolée, La Demeure Montaigne in Paris.

An animal walkway for the Seabourn liner

Frédérique and Rob Whittle created seven bas-reliefs for the staircase of the gangway of this luxury liner. The Atelier 27 gave them free hand to create this animal-themed prototype. These magnificent bas-reliefs go up the staircase. They represent, near the ground, marine animals and, towards the top, birds. Animal bas-relief. A series of panels hanging in the gangway of the luxury cruise ship Seabourn.

Cruise ship Seabourn - signatures singulieres magazine
Animal bas-relief. A series of panels hanging in the gangway of the luxury cruise ship Seabourn.
Cruise ship Seabourn - signatures singulieres magazine
Bas-relief “The Leopard”. Cruise ship Seabourn.
A panther as a decor in a private residence

The owner of this Parisian apartment wanted to animate the entire wall of his living room. To do so, he wanted Frédérique and Rob Whittle to create a branching pattern from one of their collections. It took them two months to complete this piece, incorporating a central mirror. The vegetation climbs the walls and sprawls across the ledges and around the doors. A magnificent panther, the guardian of the place, seems to be lurking on the branch of a fig tree.

sculptor of bas relief in plaster in france
Rob Whittle modeling the panther for the wall decor.
Acrylic plaster wall panel - signatures singulieres magazine
Acrylic plaster wall panel for a residential project.


frederique et rob whittle - signatures singulieres magazineFrédérique
and Rob Whittle

Both graduated from the Beaux-Arts, sculpture section, one in France, for the other in England, Frédérique specialized in bas-reliefs and etchings while Rob created bronze sculptures and digital drawings. A couple in the city as well as at work first collaborated in decoration workshops and then were head decorators for commercials and series before creating their own wall panel workshop where they also offer custom work. They design and draw together, Rob with a preference for animals and Frédérique for vegetation. They both sculpt, and along with their team, they also do the technical part.


Frédérique et Rob Whittle
33 bis rue Beaumarchais
93100 Montreuil sous bois
Tél. : +33 (0)6 08 26 03 24

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