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Tisserant Art & Style has been crafting bronze for nearly a century and has managed to perpetuate this French know-how and make it grow. Its secret: knowing how to maintain this art craft while using contemporary designers and tools to make it evolve. It is a work praised by the most beautiful addresses. Signatures Singulières Magazine takes you to rediscover this beautiful House.

Above, left and right: Antoine and Catherine Tisserant. In the center: the 4th generation: Marie and Pierre Tisserant. Right: “IQANDA” wall lamp signed by Elliott Barnes for Tisserant Art & Style.

tisserant art et style - signatures singulieres magazine
“IQANDA” collection signed by Elliott Barnes for Tisserant Art & Style, made of ostrich eggs.
©Elodie Dupuis

Tisserant Art & Style, creator of history

Since 1930, the Tisserant Art & Style bronze factory has been exercising its passion for bronze. A key actor, the company, which has been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label, develops and carries onthe work of bronze, a true French know-how. In sum, four generations have passed on their knowledge to create, re-create, reproduce and restore pieces, each more exceptional than the last. All of them have been designed and crafted in the Tisserant Art & Style workshops located in the heart of the capital. Furthermore, Tisserant Art & Style is the only bronze maker to have kept its workshops in Paris! This decision allows them to stay close to historical and emblematic monuments, a real source of inspiration. Not to mention that this proximity facilitates meetings and collaborations in the workshop!

Tisserant Art & Style’s workshops are located in the heart of Paris.
Top right and above: ©Eric Doublet

Bronzier d’art, a know-how combined with modern air

Whether it is to conceive, create prestigious projects or restore an 18th century bronze, Tisserant Art & Style’s master craftsmen are at the service of the finest work. Art craftsmen with renowned talent who create unique patinas and exceptional carvings for lighting fixtures, small furniture or decorative objects. At Tisserant Art & Style, the mastery of the gesture and the respect of the material are put at the service of a creative, of a designer to imagine remarkable collections. And to meet the “made to measure” demands of designers, interior decorators and artists, Tisserant Art & Style has developed new techniques of creation. In fact, the art bronzier has been able to face the evolution of its environment by introducing new 3D tools and production techniques to carry out new projects. A strength that allows the development of the art craft.

tisserant art et style - signatures singulieres magazine
Wall lamp “Ruban” in bronze with 24 K gilding. “Georges” candle holder in bronze with silver plating finish. “Regence” torch in 24K gold finish. ©Emmanuelle Thion
tisserant art et style - signatures singulieres magazine
Up: “Pompadour” wall sconces in gilded bronze and rock crystals. Above: “Cordage” sconce, nickel finish. Tisserant Art & Style.

Collections that combine traditional techniques and innovations

With the aim to maintain its traditional French know-how while taking up the challenge of adapting to a dynamic sector, Tisserant Art & Style has known how to surround itself. As a matter of fact, in order to create and design luxury lighting and furniture that combines the prestige and contemporary style, the company has set up beautiful collaborations with designers. Since then, designers with a fresh eye who have been able to give life to contemporary creations that combine bronze with new materials. In particular with the IQANDA collection, imagined with Eliott Barnes, whose objects combine brass and natural materials. But that’s without forgetting the most outstanding and prestigious creations of the House. To discover – among others! – The pair of Marie-Antoinette sconces for the Château de Fontainebleau, the restoration of the lighting fixtures for the Louvre Museum or a chandelier made of more than 10 tons of crystals for the Royal Palace in Bangkok. Beauty and art have no limits.

tisserant art et style - signatures singulieres magazine
Above left: “Tambourine” chandelier in bronze with 24K gilding. Wall lamp “Art Deco” in bronze with gold finish. Archetypal table in black patina bronze by Tisserant Art & Style. ©Anne-Emmanuelle Thion. On the right: “Zig zag” wall lamp in gold finish 24 K.
Table “Trianon” – Chandelier 14566 and wall sconce 27300 in bronze and gold. ©Anne-Emmanuelle Thion
tisserant art et style - signatures singulieres magazine
Above: bronze sconces installed in the Imperial suite of the Shangri-La hotel. Above: “Chaumont” chandelier in bronze. Bar of the Shangri-La.
Realization of an exceptional suspension for a residential project in the South of France.
tisserant art et style - signatures singulieres magazine
Louis XIV chandelier with 18 lights, bronze silver finish. Taillardat furniture. Vases Emaux de Longwy. Fresco signed by Cédric Peltier. Showroom Manufactures Emblem Paris.

Tisserant Art & Style
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