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The Atelier Monier is located near the Place de la Nation, in a historic workshop that has seen five generations of wood craftsmen. Elected “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” (Best Craftsmen in France), Louis Monier, also a former student of the Ecole Boulle, creates seating inspired by the masters of the 18th century, as well as more contemporary pieces for leading names in interior design. Surrounded by a team of woodworkers, turners, upholsterers, gilders, and varnishers who also share his passion for beautiful objects, he brings ancestral know-how to life in line with today’s trends. The Signatures Singulières editorial team was lucky enough to meet him!

Above: Louis Monier in his workshop. “Arche” armchair in oiled ash and seat in black expanded cork. ©Dorian Huet

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“Envergure” chair presented at Révélations 2022. Made of solid oiled pearwood, with curved lines.
It is upholstered in Féline fabric from Métaphores Paris, by the Winoc workshop. Monier workshop. ©Dorian Huet

Hello Louis! First of all, could you introduce us to Atelier Monier?

We’re an upholstery workshop based in Paris. The Monier workshop specializes in the manufacture of chairs, armchairs and sofas, and more generally in the production of all types of work requiring volume and solid wood.

Phelippeau Tapissier - atelier monier
Above: realization of the “Martel” armchair designed by Hartis Paris in collaboration with Phelippeau Tapissier. Solid beech and oak gouged by hand in the Monier workshop. Above: pair of beech armchairs, custom-made structures, ready for upholstering.

How and why did you set up the Monier workshop?
What was your previous career path?

I’m a graduate of the Ecole Boulle. Then, as soon as I finished my studies, I set up my own business. It was the best way for me to give free rein to my creativity. Then, after a period in the seat restoration workshop of the Mobilier National, I was lucky enough to land in this magnificent historic furniture restoration workshop. In this Art Deco building, generations of carpenters have succeeded one another before me. It’s worth noting that the trade of chair joiner emerged in the 18th century, when chairs became curved and shapely.

The first master joiners were concentrated on rue de Cléry and the surrounding streets. Certainly, having a seat workshop in the capital made sense from my point of view, as I feel heir to a place and know-how, and I like the idea of contributing to the edifice through my creations and all the new manufacturing technologies I use.

maison royere
Above left: “Baltique” and “Trèfle” chairs. Right: “Ondulation” chair. Manufactured by the Monier workshop for Maison Royère. These models were taken from the Maison Royère archives. ©François Halard
Hartis Paris - Objective Gallery in NY
“Ossature” armchair. A model signed by Hartis Paris for the Objective Gallery in NY. Manufactured by the Monier workshop. Upholstered by Phelippeau Tapissier. ©Objective Gallery

What makes Monier atelier seats so special?

First and foremost, the idea behind the creation of this workshop was to make it a place dedicated to the manufacture of high-end seating. Seating is one of the most complex objects in the decorative arts. Indeed, it’s a veritable sculpture that blossoms in space. For me, its design and manufacture are an art form in their own right. That’s why I make it a point of honor to give the very best of my know-how to each and every one of the studio’s creations. It’s almost obsessive. Whether it’s for our designer or decorator customers, or as part of our own creations, we strive to combine aesthetics, ergonomics and technicality to dress the most luxurious interiors. And always with the high manufacturing standards for which we are renowned!

That’s why prestigious customers call on our workshop to design pieces that are as cutting-edge as they are ultra-contemporary. In addition, part of our activity is also dedicated to our own creations. The fruit of a long process, each of these pieces explores the boldest lines and curves, with no geometric limits. This is truly the signature of our workshop today.

french know-how - french decoration magazine
Above left: the soft Cloud version of the “Divergence” armchair, a fabric designed and hand-woven by Charlotte Kaufmann. An organic creation of lines and light created by Atelier Winoc. Right: the same armchair in a solid American walnut finish. ©Dorian Huet
black wooden design armchair
“Minos” armchair. Seat in black-stained solid ash. Project in collaboration with Paule Guérin and Atelier Boulnois.

How do you reconcile your customers’ expectations with the expertise of your craftsmen?

Our customers often come to us from far and wide to benefit from our expertise as chair carpenters. But what also appeals to them is our seating philosophy, which we regard as an art in its own right. This is something I’ve experienced over the years in my various jobs. In the same way, I’m keen to pass it on without limit to my team. In our workshop, each craftsman can not only draw, but also design and manufacture projects. Far removed from the logic of semi-industrial production, our workshop cultivates the human dimension that is the cornerstone of our work. That’s why our demanding customers come to our workshop and recognize our expertise.

atelier monier - custom-made armchairs in paris
Design and manufacture of a set of two armchairs and two sofas in solid beech and walnut.
Created in partnership with upholsterer Cousins Associés.
signatures singulieres - Métaphores Paris fabric
Detail of the horizontal hanger, which gives the solid American walnut “Glyphe” chair its distinctive look. The seat is upholstered by Winoc workshop. Féline Métaphores Paris fabric
interior decoration
“Glyphe” chair in walnut. The seat is upholstered by Winoc workshop. Métaphores Paris fabric

Can you tell us about one of your next projects?

Our biggest project is the expansion of our workspace, with the acquisition of a second workshop located in the courtyard of our building. This will enable us to double our workspace and meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers. It’s a great source of pride to see the workshop’s activity explode!

modern joinery workshop in paris
The Monier workshop uses the 3D scanner to study the models entrusted to them in even greater depth. Scanning the front leg of a beautiful armchair. ©Louis Esnault. Above: the digital tools, combined with the hands, make it possible to produce several series of seats for their prestigious customers.
Right: ©Louis Esnault
french upholsterer - signatures singulieres
“Arceau” armchair in oiled solid pearwood. This exceptional piece is an ode to curve and line, which for the Monier workshop is the essence of chair joinery. Métaphores Paris fabric. Winoc workshop upholstery. ©Dorian Huet
atelier Boulnois
Turkish bed made with the Boulnois workshop. ©Dorian Huet
atelier monier - made-to-measure interior benches
Two custom-made benches made in the Monier workshops for an interior designer.
Best Workers of France
Part of the “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” competition. 900 hours of work for this armchair whose lines are inspired by mangrove flora and fauna. Monier workshop. ©Dorian Huet

Atelier Monier
29 cours de Vincennes 
75020 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 42 72 00 72

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