édition 1.6.9,
exceptional carpet designer

The exclusive custom carpet editor édition 1.6.9 is in fact well known to interior designers looking for unique pieces. With its team of craftsmen, colorists and textile designers, édition 1.6.9 is a reference in the field of contemporary custom-made rugs that shake up the codes. Something to catch the eye of Signatures Singulières.

Above: David and Olivier Aouate, founders of édition 1.6.9 – Right: Bacalar rug in wool and silk.

contemporary carpet - signatures singulieres - edition 1.6.9
Umibōzu rug, hand-tufted, 350 x 266 cm, in collaboration with KRJST studio.

Phantasmagoric Immersion

Tumultuous waves that would hide octopuses, shiny rocks and unknown shapes cover the floor. The Belgian studio KRJST signs this collection of shimmering rugs for édition 1.6.9. The specialist in custom-made carpets has indeed invited the Belgian duo artists to design this incredible triptych. Its realization required a colossal work from the specialists of édition 1.6.9 in terms of textures and colorations. The House has thus put its artisanal know-how at the service of the artists. In fine, this work between art and design was the subject of an exhibition during Paris Deco Off. The Sea Spirit collection is also the result of sustainable manufacturing. The carpet editor uses a 100% recycled and recyclable nylon fiber, made from fishing nets and plastic waste. Art, craftsmanship and environmental awareness are also the key words of this dreamy work noticed by Signatures Singulières.

signatures singulieres - contemporary blue carpet
Skrimsli, carpet collection Sea Spirit. édition 1.6.9 in collaboration with KRJST studio.
edition 1.6.9 - signatures singulieres
Kraken made in collaboration with KRJST studio.
signatures singulieres - french brand of design carpets
Kraken made in collaboration with KRJST studio.
contemporary carpet - KRJST studio - edition 1.6.9 - signatures singulieres
Umibōzu – Sea Spirit collection in collaboration with KRJST studio. édition 1.6.9

édition 1.6.9, the beauty of the custom-made gesture

The beauty of Sea Spirit custom rugs is the result of exceptional craftsmanship. Textile experts, David and Olivier Aouate founded édition 1.6.9 in order to offer luxury rugs. In their workshops, the brothers promote all the manufacturing techniques used to create exceptional rugs. The perfect mastery of the particularities of hand-knotted, hand-tufted and hand-woven carpets ensures unparalleled quality. The choice of colors, materials and textures allow the creation of exclusive pieces under the aegis of the 1.6.9 design studio. The textile designers and colorists thus rely on all the codes of the artisanal repertoire of textile creation. Innovation and authenticity are combined to achieve the unimaginable requested by customers or by the internal design studio. The purpose? Going beyong the vagaries of the fiber to offer the ultimate beauty, an approach dear to Signatures Singulières.

custom made carpet - signatures singulieres
Sicily, hand-tufted carpet in wool and silk.
sophie dries architect - signatures singulieres - edition 1.6.9
Meteor rug, a special creation signed by architect and designer Sophie Dries for édition 1.6.9
signatures singulieres magazine - custom made carpet
Made from wool and silk, the rug Coban from the “Collage” collection, signed by Marie Bastide for
édition 1.6.9

More than a contemporary carpet, a work of art

In addition to its in-house creations, édition 1.6.9 regularly invites interior architects and designers to design contemporary rugs. Before the KRJST studio, édition 1.6.9 opened its doors to Jean-Philippe Nuel. The architect in this regard has designed the Ecorce collection. This tribute to nature through contrasting materials and colors exudes well-being. Marie Bastide, for her part, has explored the possibilities of the ancestral craft of hand-knotting for graphic contemporary rugs. édition 1.6.9 also meets the needs of brilliant interior architects such as Stéphanie Coutas, Damien Langlois-Meurinne, Thierry Lemaire, Hugo Toro, MBDS, Pierre Yovanovitch, Laura Gonzalez, Charles Zana… These collaborations make it possible to conceive pieces that go with the interior design of diverse projects such as residences, hotels and restaurants. Each project concerns custom-made carpets which sign a luxurious interior decoration in France and abroad. Craftsmanship and constant search for innovation in the service of a luminous beauty have clearly captivated Signatures Singulières.

edition 1.6.9 - signatures singulieres - french brand of design carpets
Doblas from the Collage collection signed by Marie Bastide for édition 1.6.9 in wool and silk.
jean philippe nuel - signatures singulieres - edition 1.6.9
Ecorce carpet, a collection signed by Jean-Philippe Nuel for édition 1.6.9
interior design inspiration - signatures singulieres - edition 1.6.9
Kara, carpet issued from the “Graphic” collection. édition 1.6.9
furniture laura gonzalez - signatures singulieres
Carpet made for a project by Laura Gonzalez – édition 1.6.9 – Laura Gonzalez Furniture. ©Denise Behrens
pierre frey - laura gonzalez - edition 1.6.9 - signatures singulieres
Carpet made for a project by Laura Gonzalez – édition 1.6.9 – Laura Gonzalez Furniture. ©Denise Behrens

©Maxime Verret – ©Maxime Tetard – ©Les Graphiquants – ©Francis Amiand

édition 1.6.9
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