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Etienne Gounot and Eric Jähnke, two former industrial engineers, created the company Ozone together in 2000. Their concept is based on close collaboration with architects and private individuals to find the perfect lighting, or the right lamp.

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Chandelier Untitled-T. Ozone.

The art of architectural and decorative lighting

Working on light sources serves several purposes. First of all, to complement natural light both day and night. Secondly, to enhance shapes and spaces. Finally, to bring that little something extra that changes everything: the magic of light metamorphosis. A ray of light judiciously illuminates architectural details that would otherwise go unnoticed. And everything is singularly different. Etienne Gounot and Eric Jähnke are outstanding light designers. They know how to emphasise contrasts, give rhythm and play with different moods. Ozone also creates their own lighting: chandeliers, ceiling lights, hanging lights etc. Moreover, they have released pieces signed by Michel Boyer, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Joseph Dirand, Pierre Paulin and Régis Botta.

Ozone lighting - French luminaire manufacturer -Etienne Gounot - Eric Jahnke - french designers - LED lighting - Contempory kitchen - marble kitchen - Joseph Dirand - French interior designer - French contempory lighting - Luxury parisian apartment - French know-how - Signatures Singulières Magazine - The digital magazine of French talent
Chandelier Classique V. Ozone. Kitchen design by Joseph Dirand.

A unique craft

Ozone combines the Parisian artisan tradition with the latest LED lighting technologies. Ozone manufactures its luminaires in Paris and assembles them in the workshop on rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth in Le Marais. It is there that Etienne Gounot and Eric Jähnke seek to constantly improve the performance of their contemporary design luminaires. The two associates are constantly screening new materials and techniques and frequently create unique pieces. They have created lights for Elise Saab, Ritz Carlton or Mauboussin, as well as Saint-Louis. The Ozone collection is now distributed in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Chandelier M101 by Pierre Paulin. Wall light Untitled by Ozone.

Signatures Singulières - Ozone-luminaires contemporains-Etienne GounotInterview with Etienne Gounot
Co-founder of Ozone

What exactly made you want to get into lighting design?

Etienne Gounot: a desire that is both practical and poetic. At the time, I couldn’t find any lighting fixtures for my apartment and decided to design and manufacture them myself. In doing so, I realized that light evoked memories of my life, moments of wonder. It also created an inner calm, an impalpable dimension that goes far beyond the object itself. This was the trigger and I spoke about it to my friend Eric, who is very sensitive to the aesthetics of light and to creation. Ozone was born. We were complete beginners in the sector, with no training or address book. Our ingenuity was also our strength, leading us to new paths in terms of shapes, dimensions, production methods and lighting techniques.

Are contemporary French luminaires immediately recognizable?

Etienne Gounot: The creation of non-industrial French contemporary lighting often relies on the arts and crafts that are still quite alive in France. As with Ozone, we find a modernised and refined approach to working with metal, stone, glass, etc. French design also likes to draw references from the rich history of decorative arts, while combining them with the abstraction of computer design. Nevertheless, borders have less meaning today. Everything travels and circulates quickly. With Eric we feel close to certain American, Japanese or Belgian creations.

You have joined Par Excellence which promotes French talent in New York. What do you expect from it? Have you already seen benefits from it?

Etienne Gounot: Par Excellence contacted us a little more than two years ago and we were happy to join the very high-level craftsmen that this group brings together. Even if today we have a slightly different approach, more oriented towards stock pieces than custom-made products, the technical and commercial synergies between the partners are incredible. New York is perhaps the most intense market in the world; we are much stronger together. The have begun to see an impact, but in our business, we often have to wait 3 years before really developing a new region. The lead times for projects are significant.

What challenges would you like to take up in the near future?

Etienne Gounot: The US is a very dynamic market where our “bold and delicate” style is well received. The challenge is to make it our primary market with a local office that steers commercial and technical development.

Ozone lighting - French luminaire manufacturer - French contempory lighting - Etienne Gounot - Eric Jahnke - french designers - LED lighting - Chandelier contempory - Gold wall light - Joseph Dirand - French interior designer - French know-how - Signatures Singulières Magazine - The digital magazine of French talent
Chandelier “Brasilia”. Wall light “Gelule”. Design Joseph Dirand for Ozone.

66 rue Notre Dame de Nazareth
75003 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 53 01 93 01

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