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Meljac, a French manufacturer of top-of-the-range switchgear, combines its expertise and unique know-how to serve private customers, interior designers and architects. Much more than just switches or sockets, treat yourself to luxurious design models. With Signatures Singulières Magazine, discover the famous Maison Meljac, founded in 1995 by André Bousquet.

Above: Jean-Michel Lagarde, Managing Director of Meljac. Classic Collection in brushed nickel. ©Studio Erick Saillet

interrupteur finition laiton ;
Classic Collection in brass.

Meljac, French manufacturer of high-end wiring devices

Meljac specializes in the design and manufacture of switches of impeccable quality. Since 1995, this renowned manufacturer, distinguished by the EPV label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), has been offering elegant and refined electrical fittings such as custom-designed switches and sockets, spotlights and reading lights, thermostat covers, home automation systems, etc.). Products that seduced Signatures Singulières Magazine! At Meljac, all production is carried out in-house. Proud to maintain and perpetuate this French know-how, the teams are made up of passionate individuals who master every stage of production with brio. Everyone involved contributes to the creation of our products with meticulous attention to detail and expertise. Thanks to their know-how, Meljac offers models ranging from classic switches to covers for all kinds of mechanisms, all of the highest quality.

Above: brass switch plate, Dark Medaille Bronze finish with gold buttons, from the Classique collection. Above: Brass switch plate, Brushed Nickel finish, Damier collection. ©Studio Erick Saillet

Handcrafted products at the heart of Meljac products

At Meljac, craftsmanship is at the heart of every product. Switches, sockets and power strips are manufactured with the utmost attention to detail. Indeed, Meljac stands out for its exceptional French know-how. Meljac products are made using high-precision tools and meticulous craftsmanship. Each piece is handcrafted, giving Meljac creations remarkable quality and finish, refined aesthetics and uniqueness. Every stage of production is carried out in-house by a team of enthusiasts. Conception, design, machining, polishing, assembly… more than fifteen stages are involved in the creation of Meljac switches. From initial design to production and assembly, every stage is carried out with the utmost care to guarantee exceptional switchgear.

Left: switch, classic collection, Medaille bronze finish. Engravings available on request. ©Agathe Tissier. Right: Thermostat cover and switch plate in Brushed Nickel finish for the Roch Hôtel & Spa.

Designer switches and made-to-measure sockets

Each collection stands out for its unique design and meticulous aesthetics, in noble materials (brass, glass, porcelain, bronze…). Among the most renowned are the Solaris collection, with its designer brass switches and sockets by Marc Newson, and the Cannelée collection, featuring models designed in partnership with Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Other collections such as Classique, Damier, Ellipse, Volumes, Pierrot and the Sol collection also offer a varied range of products as unique as they are attractive.

interrupteur meljac
Brass lectern, German Medal Bronze finish, developed especially for the Mandarin Oriental.
liseuse de lit design
Above left: brass switch from the Solaris collection, developed in partnership with designer Marc Newson. Right: switch and reading light in brass from the Cannelée collection, finished in Microblasted Nickel.

Meljac in the most beautiful interiors

Constantly on the move and on the lookout for the latest trends, Meljac regularly offers innovations in the field of top-of-the-range electrical equipment. Whether you’re an architect, a decorator, an electrician, a design office or an individual, Meljac and its distributors are here to help you with your project and provide you with their expertise. Products that brilliantly combine design and utility, and that caught the eye of Signatures Singulières Magazine.

fabricants francais d'interrupteurs haut de gamme
Above: brass reading light and switches in a Dark Medaille Bronze finish. A project for La Réserve Paris.
Above: brass combination socket and USB plug. Medaille Clair Bronze finish. Grand Powers Hotel.
 ©M.A Bulot
liseuse meljac
Classic Collection. Sandblasted gunmetal finish. ©Studio Erick Saillet
meljac et tournaire
The result of a collaboration between Meljac and Tournaire Décor, the Tournaire bronze collection transforms luxury switches into veritable works of art.
les beaux interrupteur
Above left: Ellipse collection switch, Canon de Fusil finish. Right and above left: brass push-button switches and reading light. Above right: Ellipse collection. ©Studio Erick Saillet
interrupteur et prise de courant
Meljac workshop.

3 rue de la Procession
75015 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 40 61 08 43

5 rue Charles Dullin
69002 Lyon
Tél. : +33 (0)4 78 38 37 72

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