Ateliers Jean Perzel,
100 years of creation

The name Jean Perzel is enough to evoke the artistic lighting fixtures that have made his international reputation. As early as 1923, the young glass painter began sketching the outlines of the Art Deco style. Since then, his exceptional lamps, majestic chandeliers, wall sconces, ceiling lights, pendant lights and floor lamps have never ceased to renew themselves. Cultivating their know-how as much as their creativity, Ateliers Jean Perzel have accustomed us to creating exceptional pieces. With one common denominator: the manufacturing excellence that is the company’s signature. To celebrate the centenary of Ateliers Jean Perzel, Jean-Jacques Wattel has dedicated a book to them, published by Éditions Louvre Victoire and delicately entitled “L’efficacité de la Lumière”. It’s a fine way of engraving in stone all the talent of this company, which has been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) label!

Above: model 353. A beautiful square model with eight bronze fins, highlighting the geometric shapes of this designer ceiling light with its recessed rim.

art deco lighting art book -
Above left: suspension 354 Bis S. Various finishes and diameters are available. Rod heights on request. Right: book Ateliers Jean Perzel, by Jean-Jacques Wattel, published by Editions Louvre Victoire.

The priceless legacy of Ateliers Jean Perzel

Renowned expert in 20th-century decorative arts, Jean-Jacques Wattel reviews almost all of the 3,000 models created by Ateliers Jean Perzel. A taste for authenticity, pure materials and noble finishes: all these art luminaires are marked by the seal of purity and remain strangely synonymous with modernity. A visionary, Jean Perzel has tirelessly infused each of his creations with stylistic purity and formal elegance. It’s no coincidence that they adorn the walls and ceilings of the world’s most prestigious venues. To ensure the satisfaction of its high-end clientele, Ateliers Jean Perzel has surrounded itself with highly skilled craftsmen whose meticulous gestures give each luminaire its letters of nobility. And that little extra touch of soul that transforms a utilitarian object into an exceptional piece!

art deco table lamp - ateliers jean perzel - signatures singulieres magazine
On the wall, 347 B V glass sconces. Through the mirror, on the left: sconce 650 in chrome.
On the right: sconce 348 M in metal. On the coffee table, lamp 944 (limited, numbered edition).

Perzel luminaires, sublimating space

But what makes Jean-Jacques Wattel’s work so original is his keen understanding of Perzel’s genius. The master glassmaker has always worked with a constant concern for quality, beauty and comfort. Since 1923, his workshops have been dedicated to effective lighting. Beyond purely aesthetic considerations, Perzel luminaires are part of an architectural concept of light. Adapting the quantity of light required to suit the room to be lit, using light sources of complementary intensity, preserving visual comfort and the physiology of the eye: these are the technical requirements that govern the design of a new luminaire. Drawing on his expertise as a master glassmaker, Jean Perzel adopted glass and metal as the main components in all his luminous creations, precisely because of their intrinsic ability to propagate light. Over a hundred years later, almost nothing has changed!

lighting inspiration - Decorative Arts of the 20th century
Above left: lamp 2058 L, a model created in 2016 by Olivier Raidt, Jean Perzel’s grand-nephew.
Right: lamp 920. Various finishes are available.
perzel lamp - art deco table lamp gold finish
Above: 160 FL table lamp. Stylized vase or fan of light, enamelled or sandblasted glass, monochrome or two-tone, these 1926 lamps can be customized to suit your tastes. Above left: lamp 936 – GM. A pivoting design lamp with soft, soothing shapes, featuring a sphere of light resting on a 360° pivoting shell, allowing you to play with light intensity. Bronze medal finish. Right: 509 Bis lamp – GM. A lamp with a pivoting cover created in 1929 for student tables at the Cité Universitaire in Paris. Its innovative design brought real visual comfort, still much appreciated today. Ateliers Jean Perzel.
signatures singulieres magazine - chrome desk lamp
Above: lamp 234. With his innovative designs, Jean Perzel introduced a new concept in office lighting.
A curved or geometric support encloses a cylinder of frosted optical glass, covered by a pivoting cover that helps direct the light. Above: 520 lamp. Symmetrical bronze support for this pair of glass cylinders.
Ateliers Jean Perzel.
french decoration magazine - small copper finish lamp -
Top left: 1000 lamp. A vase of light to enhance the most beautiful spaces. Their high light output is equivalent to that of a floor lamp. Choice of truncated cone or semi-spherical bases. Right: 980 lamp, large model. Cylinder of light, ideal for lighting large spaces. Nickel finish. Above left: lamp 575. Cube or dice of light for table, bedside, console… This model is signed, like all our production. Chrome finish. Right: lamp 1145 L. A lively, playful ball of light. This reading light is perfect for bedside lighting, with its pivoting cover allowing you to adapt the light intensity to suit the desired use. Copper finish.
Editions Louvre Victoire - art deco lighting art book
Book “L’Efficacité de la Lumière”, Editions Louvre Victoire. Table lamp 160 KL. Stylized vase or fan of light, enamelled or sandblasted glass, monochrome or two-tone, these 1926 lamps can be customized to suit your tastes.
Jean Perzel in 1933
Jean Perzel in 1933.
french designer of art deco lighting
Jean Perzel. Drawing for the 1124 sconce.
ateliers jean perzel - french designer of art deco lighting
The workshops of Ateliers Jean Perzel, originally located on the two lower floors of 3 rue de la Cité-Universitaire in Paris, are a place of emotion. In this 400 m² space, you’ll discover tools and machines that are almost one hundred years old.

Ateliers Jean Perzel
3 rue de la Cité-Universitaire
75014 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 45 88 77 24

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