Christel Sadde
a mobile sculpture genius

As surprising and inspiring as her creations, Christel Sadde has been designing mobile sculptures inspired by kinetic art and geometric abstraction for 19 years. As well, as prestigious objects that caught the eye of Signatures Singulières Magazine.

Volabile “Je Vole “. Available in 4 colors (silver, yellow gold, champagne gold, black nickel). Ø: 1.60 meters x height: 3 meters.

The mobile sculpture, an inspiration fallen from the sky

While pushing the door of a Parisian store that Christel Sadde, a graphic designer at the time, discovered a large mobile on a stand, made of birds cut out of  cans. In fact it was love at first sight! She buys it and,  tries to contact its creator. At the heart of the Barbès neighborhood, she met a 75-year-old American artist who livesand creates over flowing works in a small studio. Moreover, she was a remarkable character who was part of the Art-Cloche movement. Then, a friendship is born. A new vocation too. Indeed, this meeting makes her discover the world in three dimensions. Christel began to dream and  imagine living forms, forms in volume, evolving in space. She then imagines delicate and mobile sculptures. A Work that defy the laws of gravity and create, in the air, a subtle and poetic dance, a moment of magic and softness. Works that she baptized “Les Volabiles”.

Luminous wall lamps. Brass and stainless steel rods. Aluminum plate – Golden mirror – LED lighting.

Christel Sadde, a French designer who imposes herself as a master

It took Christel little time to launch and to captivate. A few months after this epiphany, the designer made two prototypes and approached the Sentou Gallery in Paris which immediately placed an order for 100 mobiles. It was a success, the press and international museum stores were interested in her creations. What appeals is the poetry and lightness that emerge from her Volabiles. Not only the general public is interested, but also prestigious brands. Inès de la Fressange, ambassador for Roger Vivier, orders XXL Volabiles for boutiques in Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai and New York. Just like Pascale Mussard of Hermès. Prestigious orders that will direct her towards the production of high-end unique pieces or limited editions.

christel sadde - creator of mobile sculpture - signatures singulieres magazine
Volabile “Arbre Nuage”. Trunk of 9 branches in brushed brass and 14 clouds suspended in polystyrene and plaster. This sculpture can find its place in a stairwell.

A work of high precision

Since 2008, Christel Sadde unique pieces or very limited series, numbered and signed, which she has created in collaboration with French artisans. From the materials to the finishing touches, the entire manufacturing process meets the requirements of French luxury. In fact, no matter what she creates, the designer is haunted and obsessed by the desire for impeccable geometry.”I bend all my stems by. A software program designed exclusively for me, that allows me to calculate the balance of each of my mobiles to the exact millimeter. I can design them as large as I want and on a single point of attachment. I have no limits”, confides Christel Sadde.

christel sadde - creator of mobile sculpture - signatures singulieres magazine
Stabile “Je Danse”. Base in brushed brass, stainless steel rods, mirrored aluminum forms. Eight copies signed and numbered. Christel Sadde.
christel sadde - creator of mobile sculpture - signatures singulieres magazine
Stabiles “Tribute” to Victor Vasarely. Above: stabile in polished brass gilded with champagne gold and transparent crystal ball. Above: stabile in polished brass, gold and palladium decoration. Both are eight signed and numbered editions.

More than creations,  works of art

 Christel Sadde draws her inspiration everywhere, all the time and imagines unique works that tell stories in their very own right. To discover:

  • Her must-see “Volabiles”, life-size mobiles in various shapes that allow her to express and transmit, prior to the technical prowess of balance, a sense of poetry”.
  • The “Stabiles”, mobiles on bases. After the mobiles which were in the air, Christel Sadde wanted to put in motion geometrical forms in a different balance and to work with materials like brass, gold or palladium.
  • The 4 seasons. Four new sculptures that represent the essence of the seasons.
  • Les Herbes Folles. A living sculpture, which represents the charm but also the chaos of life.
  • The Culbutos. Another declination of her work on balance and simplicity of forms. A sober, elegant and interactive sculpture.
  • The luminous wall lamps. Stainless steel and brass rods aligned one by one until they form a material like marquetry.
  • The luminous parades. Small staircase platforms with integrated LEDs that stage small ceramic figurines by artist Christine Zirk.
  • The Sun Peacock. A sculpture in honor of this animal so fascinating and dreamy for Christel.
  • The Nymphéa. A curved sculpture made of metallic petals that vibrate when caressed.

Without forgetting her numerous collaborations with Bonpoint, Cartier, Chaumet, Djeco, Les Galeries Lafayette, Hermès and the Atelier Petit h, Nature & Découvertes, Procédés Chénel and Roger Vivier.

christel sadde - creator of mobile sculpture - signatures singulieres magazine
Family of Culbutos in brushed brass and matte varnish. Three copies signed and numbered.
christel sadde - creator of mobile sculpture - signatures singulieres magazine
Sculpture “The Sun Peacock” Stems in shiny stainless steel, base in aluminium. Eight copies signed and numbered.
christel sadde - creator of mobile sculpture - signatures singulieres magazine
Christel Sadde in her workshop in Paris.

Christel Sadde
Tél. : +33 (0)6 20 67 60 19

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