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Grav’Or is a French company that has been specializing in glass processing since 1982 and is known for its expertise. Its specialty? The production of glass pieces and mirrors of exceptional quality. Cutting, sandblasting, engraving, lacquering, gilding, painting… Each stage of transformation is mastered to perfection. Thus, unique pieces and custom-made fittings are created, in accordance with the client’s vision. A company that gives pride of place to French arts and crafts and that Signatures Singulières likes to highlight.

Above: Isabelle Ratiskol, President of Grav’Or. Right: wall covering no less than 3 m high. Voluptuous shapes and a beautiful mix of soft colors in shades of blue, cream, and gold. A 100% handmade work that testifies to Grav’Or’s artisanal know-how.

signatures singulieres - glass bathroom wall - gravor
Creation of a hand-engraved and lacquered glass wall covering for a Parisian flat. Grav’Or.

Glass elements to illuminate spaces

Making authentic and unique products with rigor and a thirst for innovation is the vision that Grav’Or shares with its customers. For more than 40 years, the company has continued to develop and expand its areas of distribution. Originally specializing in office fittings, the company has now established itself in the field of architecture. Grav’or is involved in designing high-end spaces with creations that are as surprising as they are magical. Wall coverings, bells, display cabinets, mirrors, and glass elements gracefully dress up spaces.

hotel in paris in the 8 district - signatures singulieres
Fine engraving on curved glass to highlight the atrium of the Maison Villeroy hotel in Paris. Grav’Or. Door handles by Rémy Garnier.
signatures singulieres - glass shower door grave - gravor
Shower door in engraved and bush-hammered glass. Grav’Or.

Grav’Or, technical and authentic know-how

To do this, Grav’or surrounds itself with the best craftsmen. Professionals who put their passion and skills at the service of different projects and creative desires. A know-how rich in different manufacturing techniques, starting with cutting and shaping. This is the first step before the glass is transformed. Other expertise includes engraving and sandblasting. Carried out by hand or by machine, they add relief and originality to the glass. Then comes the lacquering, which can be chosen from all the Grav’Or finishes such as eglomerate, natural earth, ice color, and many others. Then there is painting, which can be combined with a multitude of finishes, each more original than the last. And finally, gilding, with copper, gold, or palladium, to embellish the various glass panes. These techniques were praised by Signatures Singulières Magazine.

gravor - artisan glassmaker - engraved glass
Above: hand engraving. Above: gold leaf, a beautiful, complex, and noble material that makes an impact! Combined with glass, it retains its brilliance and adds a touch of brilliance and authenticity to the glazing.

Polymorphic decorative glass can be imagined as a unique piece

A noble material with infinite and unique transformations, glass can be combined in all sorts of styles and aspects. It can be used to decorate or cover walls, cloches, showcases and curved glass… It can be used to dress up the most beautiful projects. Other advantages include a feeling of purity, ease of maintenance and a very appreciable hygienic aspect. Sandblasted glass, engraved glass, lacquered glass or even gilded glass, glass can also be decorated. There are many different finishes in the creation of wall coverings. Lacquered glass is one of the most durable and elegant types of wall cladding and blends in well with other materials. It also brings light and contrasts to interiors. As for the bells and windows, they are made of extra-clear and safety glass, which ensures very high resistance. Custom-made or atypically shaped, they highlight the products on display while adding a touch of elegance.

Eglomerate finish - signatures singulieres - french know-how
Eglomerate finish. Grav’Or.

Grav’or… glass as decoration

Grav’Or’s know-how allows for a multitude of creative possibilities. On any support, the House imagines mirror in various colors. Discover standard pieces with clear, grey or gold glass. As well as more atypical models with black, pink or champagne glass. These mirrors bring luminosity and modernity to spaces. Grav’Or even offers a wide choice of antique mirrors. Finally, the glass can take on different shapes and can be imagined as a shower screen or a bar lining… Made from simple made-to-measure glass or from handcrafted glass, they are enriched with personalized finishes. The aim of this work is to offer glass products that are unique in terms of their shape, appearance and use.

Marc-Antoine Barrois - signatures singulieres - gravor
Creation of maple sugar-based glass walls for the Marc-Antoine Barrois perfumery in Paris.
©Maxime Dufour
gravor - engraved mirror - hotel Château du Grand Lucé in france
Grav’Or is not just about glazing, it is also about mirrors! A look at two beautiful mirror creations for the Château du Grand Lucé.
La Réserve hotel in Beaulieu-sur-Mer
Maison Grav’Or had the pleasure of collaborating with Affine Design on the renovation of the “La Réserve” hotel in Beaulieu-sur-Mer. This project required the production of beige-champagne frosted effect lacquered glass.
specialist of the french glass - gravor
A light engraving, a fine touch of sandblasting gives this bathroom total privacy while letting the light through.
atelier Jean Brieuc - signatures singulieres magazine
Collaboration between Grav’Or and the Jean Brieuc workshop. This work combines a midnight blue mirror made by Grav’Or and a handmade embroidery composed of more than 25,000 beads by the Jean Brieuc workshop.
decorative glass for office - gravor
Glass partitions made by Grav’Or for the CERAP offices.
Gold leaf working
Gestures of craftsmen. Grav’Or.

14 rue Arnold Dolmetsch
72 000 Le Mans
Tél. : +33 (0)2 43 28 50 60

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