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Decorative metalwork, artistic metalworking, fine sheet metal work, high-end locksmithing: Chaudrolux encompasses all of these. Located in Villedieu-les-Poêles, a historic hub of French metalwork dating back to the Middle Ages, the company is the heir to traditional craftsmanship. From copper to brass, stainless steel, aluminum, tin, and steel, Chaudrolux workshops specialize in showcasing these metals in the field of interior design and custom furniture manufacturing. Their explicit ambition is to preserve these exceptional artisanal skills. François Homo’s leadership, since 2017, has propelled Chaudrolux’s success by valuing its collaborators. Signatures Singulières Magazine immersed themselves in the artisanal world of metalwork at this renowned French establishment.

Above: François Homo, Chaudrolux’s director. On the right: a hammered copper counter. A project executed for the Louie restaurant in London in collaboration with interior architects Dion & Arles.

Hammered copper kitchen hood
Hammered copper hood. Created for a London restaurant. Collaboration with Dion & Arles. Chaudrolux.

Perpetuating Rare Craftsmanship

Recognizing the excellence of Chaudrolux’s traditional craftsmanship, François Homo has worked to enhance the reputation of their workshops. Through a new commercial dynamic, coupled with a strong commitment to quality, the company has experienced significant growth in its business in recent years. This success allows them to continue their vital internal training efforts necessary for the preservation of their craft and knowledge! Technical studies, layout, bending, shaping, machining, welding, polishing, and finishing are all part of the daily routine. Chaudrolux’s dedication to excellence has earned it the “Living Heritage Company” designation three times. The team meets the demands of discerning customers by creating custom furniture and embellishments for living and professional spaces. It’s an exhilarating pleasure that all the workshop members take pride in!

polished brass sink
Top left: polished brass arch. On the right: a shiny polished brass bar top. Above: a work surface with a polished brass basin.

Chaudrolux: Metal in All Its Forms

Mastering the entire process of transforming metal profiles and sheets, Chaudrolux is involved from the cutting and processing of raw materials to the finished product. The finishing touches may include mechanical polishing (satin, vibratory, or mirror polishing), with or without painting, patina, and/or varnish. Capable of manufacturing entire structures or furniture components, the workshop produces a wide range of items: stainless steel kitchen worktops and facades, brass or copper bar counters, high-end furniture elements in patinated brass or lacquered aluminum, brass or steel handrails, custom hardware (such as handles and pivots), and more.

Atelier jallu - Gypsum chest of drawers
Top: Gypsum chest of drawers from the Jallu Ebenistes workshop (a historic client of the workshop) featuring polished nickel brass structures from Chaudrolux. Above: decorative showcase in polished mirror brass, mirror polished stainless steel, and aged steel. Chaudrolux.

Chaudrolux: A Wide Range of Services for Professionals

Situated in the heart of the Normandy countryside and close to Mont Saint-Michel, Chaudrolux’s workshops boast a 1,600-square-meter facility that provides the company with a complete machine park (bending machines, rolling machines, saws, CNC machining centers, etc.) and installations tailored to their activities (polishing workshop, patina tank, paint booth). The workshop caters exclusively to a diversified clientele of professionals: architects, designers, fitters, publishers, furniture manufacturers, heritage artisans, and more. In addition to manufacturing complete pieces or structures, the workshop also provides subcontracting services for specific tasks to serve its clients, including bending, welding, polishing, and finishing. For the past three years, a local partnership with a sister company, Mascaret Agencement, has allowed Chaudrolux to enhance its service by delivering finished products that combine metalwork with wood or other noble materials.

patinated brass door
Above and below left: patinated brass door jamb. Chaudrolux.
wrought-iron staircase balustrade
Top right: Balustrade created by Chaudrolux for Il Gattopardo in London (Dion & Arles). Below: satin brass bar shelf.
chaudrolux - brass furniture
Left: shiny polished brass table legs. Right: reception desk in vibrated brass.
french craftsmen - stainless steel worktop
Large stainless steel worktop: a single piece measuring nearly 5 meters, with a backsplash and a large welded basin.
Stainless steel kitchen - french interior designer
Stainless steel kitchen with varnished vibration finish, designed by the Hauvette & Madani agency in collaboration with the Mascaret Agencement workshop.
french decoration - decorative metalwork
Bistro bar crafted for a cruise ship. Chaudrolux.

24 rue des Rosiers
50800 Sainte-Cécile
Tél. : +33 (0)2 33 49 81 74

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