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Signatures Singulières Magazine introduces Pierre Frey’s concept, of Outdoor furniture, Natecru, a combination of the two words “naturel” and “ecru”.

Natecru Outdoor Collection by Pierre Frey

Patrick Frey designs timeless collections in a chromatic range limited to few neutral colors such as whites, beiges, greys as well as natural tones. There are multiple and elaborate weaving techniques to embellish this simplicity of natural colors.

Above left: coffee table “Rio de Janeiro” upholstered with fabrics specially designed for outdoor use from the Natecru Outdoor. Above right: “Patch” rug. Pierre Frey.

High-performance fabrics

The concept of Natecru started with a collection of wools, then linens and silks. Today, Natecru offers a wide range of Indoor/Outdoor fabrics. In fact, the fabrics now meet high-technical performances. They resist light, salt, or chlorinated water. They are washable and anti-mold. The Polypropylene fibers in the cushions allow water and air resistance, an ideal accessory for outdoor use. This prevents mildew and allows an extremely quick drying process. Confident about the high-quality it provides, Maison Pierre Frey guarantees 2 years of performance, for each of the collection fabrics!

pierre frey - outdoor carpets - infinity pool - signatures singulieres magazine
The Aquasoft range is composed of eight designs. Pierre Frey.

Imitating nature

Since fibers, although synthetic, imitate to perfection nature and reminiscent of handmade materials. In turn, round and woolly, fine, and silky, fabrics can also be surprisingly curled or elegantly pearly. The illusion is astonishing. Moreover, Natecru’s Outdoor collection fabrics can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

pierre frey - outdoor carpets - outdoor cushions - Fermob garden furniture - signatures singulieres magazine
Outdoor rug “Patch” by Pierre Frey. Fermob garden furniture.

A contemporary spirit

A modern and delicate harmony marks Pierre Frey’s outdoor fabrics. Such as the Rio de Janerio coffee table made in dralon or polypropylene fibers. Or the Outdoor-Indoor three carpet collections woven in polypropylene fibers, easy to clean and maintain. As well as the Aquasoft range. Composed of eight designs, Aquasoft evokes the look and feel of cotton by its supple, light, and soft aspect. On a more rustic note, the three Aquastrong patterns are made of thick plain or mottled ropes. Lastly, the Patch rug is designed in a graphic scheme of stripes and small patterns, alternating fringes, and raw edges.

Aquasoft range. Pierre Frey.

Pierre Frey

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