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The century-old bronze smith, Rémy Garnier, unveils a new range of contemporary door handles: the “Tork” collection designed by Vincent Segouat, creative craftsman of the House of Rémy Garnier. His collection is characterized by bronze twists that evoke the recognizable style of Arts Deco ironwork. Signatures Singulières Magazine brings you to the (re)discovery of this beautiful House.

Above: Vincent Segouat, locksmith. Pull handle in bronze.

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Pull handle and lever handle from the “Tork” collection in oxidized gradient.

The creative know-how of a Rémy Garnier artisan

In the blink of an eye, the twists create shapes that instinctively invite you to hold them, while the shiny edges of the brass cubes offer an eye-catching play of glitter. Tork, this new range of hardware, has just joined the contemporary collections of Rémy Garnier. The label did not hesitate to include Vincent Segouat’s new creation in its catalog. Trained as a blacksmith, this craftsman of the French House wanted to apply his know-how of steel work on a bronze furniture item. The “Tork” collection of hardware is based on a traditional metalworking technique, but it also has the characteristics of the Art Deco style with its geometric shapes and curves that capture the movement of the design. The know-how of the House of Rémy Garnier, which has been awarded the “Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company) label, is further illustrated by the innovation of its craftsmen and designers. Functional door handles become singular contemporary design pieces, as appreciated by Signatures Singulières Magazine.

contemporary bronze door handle - signatures singulieres
Door handle “Tork” collection in bronze.

Art Deco in motion

Tork testifies to the heritage of French craftsmanship, we find in this contemporary collection details which recall the Gaulish bracelets. The name of this new range of door handles is inspired by the Latin word “torques” meaning twists. However, Tork was also the name of the copper bracelets worn by Gaulish warriors. Vincent Segouat was originally a blacksmith by profession, but he switched to the art of mounting and locksmithing. Today, he manufactures and restores espagnolettes and locks at Rémy Garnier. The craftsman and creator have turned his steel working techniques to bronze. The twists are indeed an elementary work in ironwork. The raw material is heated to take shape and keep the movement. In the end, these door handles bring a contemporary interpretation of geometric and art deco motifs. The natural impulse of the twisted movement ensures a singular look to obtain original Art Deco handles.

remy garnier
Door knob, “Tork” collection in bronze.

The dedicated craftsmanship of a century-old locksmith

The new collection of “Tork” door handles is a testimony to the notion of craftsmanship at Rémy Garnier. The art hardware store has also received the Geste d’Or 2021 award. This award recognizes another contemporary innovation, the Vanities lock, inspired by the artistic movement of the same name. Rémy Garnier’s unrivaled French know-how has been associated with the art of locksmithing since the company was founded in 1832, both in terms of restoration and creation. Rémy Garnier offers custom-made creations to the most prestigious places. From yesterday to today, Rémy Garnier presents exceptional pieces that are as contemporary as they are unique. This new collection could become a new reference in the history of French decorative locksmithing. Signatures Singulières Magazine was immediately seduced by the Tork door handles.

contemporary bronze door handle - remy garnier
“Tork” collection by Rémy Garnier.

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