Oscar Lucien Ono
creates the event in Pigalle

Hotel Maison Nabis regains its lustre thanks to Oscar Lucien Ono

La Maison Nabis is a mini palace hotel in the heart of Paris. Dropping your bags in a hotel of exotic luxury, like La Maison Nabis, located in the notorious Pigalle district, is an experience as interesting as it is unique.

Royal blue and green velvet adorn the walls and cover armchairs. Alcoves and gilding add to the scene. The atmosphere is muffled and intimate: pompoms, fringes, aged mirrors, gold leaf… eroticism and sensuality are the order of the day.

Oscar Lucien Ono

Interior designer and founder of Maison Numéro 20, Oscar Lucien Ono is the mastermind behind this opulent decor: “I wanted a precious and intimate hotel that has character and tells a beautiful story. To move away from the fashions of boutique hotels with ephemeral concepts. I just wanted it to feel like it’s been here for a long time, that it has a story.” Trimmings and precious and embroidered fabrics made by the greats – Dedar, Elitis, Houlès, Rubelli, Nobilis – showcase the tailor-made furniture. Lamps from Art et Floritude epitomize unique French craftsmanship.

The references to art and in particular Art Nouveau are numerous (ornamental ceilings made from brass mirror, Chinese art chinoiseries, birds of paradise etc.). There are even nods to the old brothels present in this district during the Belle Epoque! La Maison Nabis offers 30 cozy rooms. The colors are warm and refined: mother-of-pearl, yellow opal, amethyst, emerald, ruby, black diamond. Marble decorates the bathrooms. An address for insiders, the bar welcomes both privileged guests and passing night birds…

The price of the rooms varies between 160 and 260 euros depending on the period.

Maison numéro 20
26 rue Jacob
75006 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 77 19 23 03

Maison Nabis
7 rue de Parme
75009 Paris
Tél. : +33 (0)1 55 31 60 00

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