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Tapissier Seigneur,

Passionate about his profession as a master upholsterer, Steven Renou oversees the production and crafting of unique pieces within the Tapissier Seigneur workshops. Chairs, window decorations, and bed decor are brought to life by a team of artisans with exceptional skills. This French excellence continues to thrive, serving new expressions in the craftsmanship highlighted by Signatures Singulières Magazine.

Above: Steven Renou, CEO of Tapissier Seigneur. On the right: design and creation of a custom armchair and pair of curtains by Tapissier Seigneur, designed by the Biobject teams.

upholsterer decorator in paris - singular signatures
Outdoor furniture set. Banquette and decorative cushion production with trim application by Tapissier Seigneur for the Alberto Pinto Agency.

Tapissier Seigneur, exceptional French artisan

Established as an upholsterer since 1935, the company perpetuates and transmits this French excellence in craftsmanship in the purest tradition of traditional craftsmanship. Within the workshops, upholsterers showcase their ability to meet the creative needs of their clients by relying on innovation, mastery of comfort, and highly technical craftsmanship to implement exceptional materials. All of this is done with attention to detail and precision.

Surrounded by the finest craftsmen, the workshop designs and manufactures chairs, creates window decor, and installs wall hangings in exceptional interiors. Whether in private residences, yachts, or luxury hotels, Tapissier Seigneur’s creations radiate worldwide, adorning interiors envisioned by the most renowned decorators. A rare expertise serves the nautical sector for yacht and mega-yacht fittings or refits, collaborating with Zuretti Interior Designer and Alberto Pinto’s firm. The company also caters to individual requests and designers, such as the PULSE armchair, which has entered the National Furniture collection, designed by Biobject.

parure de drap en soie blanc et noir - signatures singulieres
This original bed decor highlights the skill and attention to detail of the workshop’s upholsterers. Hand-sewn trim applications and cushions adorned with cord give life to an exquisite work of art that transforms the bedroom into a luxurious relaxation haven.

Upholsterer in seating, decor, and Villier

In the seating workshops, upholsterers create all types of contemporary or traditional custom furniture, including the restoration of antique pieces. For special pieces, a close collaboration is initiated with the creator to bring the workshop’s expertise. Advice on ergonomics, comfort, and technical solutions ensures that each piece comes to life as closely as possible to the creator’s intentions, from the wooden structure to the covering and installation. For furniture restoration, the company employs traditional upholstery techniques to preserve and respect the eras of each seat.

On the decor side, the quilt makers handle technicality, patience, and skill to create traditional or contemporary window coverings. Haute couture curtains, meticulously designed, harmonize with clients’ lifestyles and adapt to the most delicate and demanding fabrics on any support. Signatures Singulières Magazine has fallen in love with these unique creations. The Tapissier Seigneur teams also handle all Villiers works in the broad sense, including wall coverings or murals and custom window decor, taking into account architectural and client usage constraints.

made-to-measure curtains
Above and below: custom project—curtains, sofas, and decorative cushions created by Tapissier Seigneur in a private Parisian residence.
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Renowned French decorator upholsterer

From design to finishing, including carpentry and upholstery, all stages of Tapissier Seigneur’s production are carried out in France. A recognized tricolor artisanal excellence, as the company holds the Living Heritage Company label. The house pays special attention to the materials used and creates environmentally-friendly products that endure over time. The thread of transmission runs through the passionate artisans in the workshops who are eager to share their knowledge. Tapissier Seigneur welcomes apprentices of all ages, a tradition praised by Signature Singulières Magazine for over 80 years.

French know-how; EPV company
Creation of a woven leather and fabric sofa, embroidered decorative cushions adorned with piping for a mega-yacht. Tapissier Seigneur.
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Sofa with piping and quilted ruffle, quilted decorative cushions surrounded by piping, pleated bolsters, button-tufted armchairs, and a pair of custom curtains and voiles.
red and white fabric
Detail of a sofa with stitching, decorative cushions with marabou application for an outdoor lounge. Tapissier Seigneur for Alberto Pinto.
canape design realise sur mesure
Contemporary creations.
signatures singulieres - ambiance baroque
Restoration of an exotic wood armchair, carved with trim applications and ornamental nails. Hand-lined curtain with a girdle application, all held by a tassel tieback.
voilage sur mesure ; rideau avec galon sur mesure
Creation and installation of a pair of veils and curtains with galon applications.
realisation de rideau plisse sur mesure - tapissier seigneur
Creation of pleats on the front of curtains. Tapissier Seigneur.

atelier tapissier seigneur

Tapissier Seigneur Workshop in Paris.

Tapissier Seigneur
30 rue Gaston Lauriau 
93100 Montreuil
Tel. : +33 (0)1 48 36 08 92

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