Editions des Saints Pères
Orphée de Cocteau

At the end of the summer of 1925, in Villefranche-sur-Mer, Jean Cocteau begins writing a “tragedy in one act and one interval”, entitled Orphée. The play is performed for the first time on June 17th 1926, at the Théâtre des Arts in Paris. It was published the following year by Stock, Delamain and Boutelleau. In 1944, Rombaldi’s publishing house printed another exceptional version of the play. 145 illustrated copies of the 40 original lithographs by Jean Cocteau.

An exceptional edition “Orphée de Jean Cocteau”

The print run of the Editions des Saints Pères offers the original text and drawings of this work, which is almost impossible to find today.

50 copies of this edition, bound in a blue box with a white silkscreen print and numbered from 1 to 50 then 950 copies also bound in a grey box with a blue silkscreen print and numbered from 51 to 1000, were printed with particular care in the choice of papers.

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Editions des Saint Pères – Orphée de Jean Cocteau, from 120 €.

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